Wednesday , November 25 2020

Eleni Menegaki: Is he coming back to television? It is said that which channel is closed? ZOE

Eleni Menegaki seems to be preparing for her big comeback on television.

The presenter, according to a report by Secret Parapolitikon, allegedly signed a two-year contract with ANT1, the channel that crowned her queen


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Although neither side confirmed the news, according to a Secret report, the deal was “baked” from the end of the previous TV season, and Thodoris Kyriakou personally held talks with Eleni Menegaki.

Initially, there was an idea for Eleni Menegaki to start from the beginning of the current season, but she herself, apart from not deciding whether to accept the ANT1 proposal, did not want to return to television so quickly.

Thus, negotiations with the ownership of ANT1 “froze” in the summer, because a month ago it turned out to be sharper. This time, Eleni Menegaki seems to have said “yes,” and according to well-informed sources, proceedings to finalize the agreement have already begun.

For the record, Eleni Menegaki signed a contract with ANT1 in 1995 and starred one season in the series “Our Father” with Costas Karras. At the same time, she began presenting the entertainment show “Morning Coffee,” which made her the queen of TV. In 2005, he was transferred to the Alpha channel and undertook the presentation of the morning entertainment show “Coffee with Elena”, which ended in six seasons, while from 2011 to the summer of 2020, he presented the noon show “Eleni”.

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