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"Get banners of resistance in your hands"

In Evil and Hate Metropolitan Kalavrita and Aegialia Ambrosios Invitate the Clergy After Ieronomos-Tsipras Agreement for Clergy Salary Church, triggering a new fierce attack on him Alexis Tsipras.

Full suspension after agreement

On Tuesday, November 6, a joint meeting was held between Archbishop of Greece, Mr. IERONYMOS and Greek Prime Minister Mr. Tsipras. We were looking forward to the outcome of this summit. That is why we have watched many years of Prime Minister's announcements and two words of our archbishop. The conclusion we have concluded is that the two institutions "have found each other! Agreed!"

Today, commenting on the "dwarf and cimbinus" (Matthew 23: 23,23), that is, some of the details announced, we will leave a "hard law," such as signing or deleting the name of the Holy Trinity from the Greek Constitution, separating the Church and the state, , For our synodal brothers.
He thinks they've "found each other! They agreed!" That's what we are concerned about!
Therefore, the following points are taken care of:

Orthodoxy is sold with justification and irresistible religious neutrality!

church propertythe poor Greek state, with the exception of its joint exploitation and exploitation, completely buys and raises 50 percent. In addition, there is a danger that the property of the Church can be found in the so-called " Hypermarket, where holy monuments are now included!

Cluster of newspapers "come out of the way" and gas! People like Mr Karanika can receive a bill for salaries as prime staff every month, but, unfortunately, the Greek pope, who not only works twenty-four hours a day, since every Christian can call it, but on his shoulders carries a glorious history so many hundreds of years after the liberation of Gnose from Turkish slavery, not counting its invaluable contribution to forty (400) years of slavery (see Hidden School, Monasteries, Agia Lavra, Mega Cave etc), and therefore, again, Greek Orthodox Pope carries a valuable contribution to Greek Gender and Peoples, Holy Orthodox CLINIC ELLADOSpetagetai in the trash! The Greek state will write a priest from the list of paid people from Corvana!

Nevertheless, although the Prime Minister had preached the promise that he would memorize the Memorandum, the agreement with the Administrative Church on the salary of the Greek newspaper clergy finally broke down, an agreement signed many decades ago in exchange for the great measure and value of church and religious property received from the Mother Church! You see their signatures honest with honest people! When we say "We will break the Memorandum" and instead of breaking down the worst Memorandums, then the situation becomes TRUE!
Prime Minister of Greece even made another scam! He said that those who serve today will not cease to be considered civil servants! They will be transferred to a special fund established by the ecclesiastical organization. But new office posts DO NOT Wait! Here, then, there is another scam! As long as the positions of today's paid newspapers are falling, because today a large number of institutionalized organic sheets are empty! Why is this happening? Since the government "FOREST FOREST DRINK" has been banned from naming us a new priest in the parish, whose Ephorites slept, that is, they died! By Yesterday, this was AUTONOMIC and EXCLUSIVE NATURE! That way, organic jobs are now down! Thus, each year in the Holy Metropolis, on the day the SYRIZA government has five to ten vacancies (cause or death or retirement of Ephimerius), the Greek state, which we say, in the name of "THE FIRST HUMAN DRUG" does not allow us to cover them with new cleric candidate mode! At year's end, every year, they pay us, only the organic position in every metropolis! So, in our Metropolis, and during the year, five (5) new places for the new year 2019, we will be able to identify and name only the new Epicurean! The remaining four (4) news spots have been removed from the Record, ie Parish Chaustra Parish Churches are sentenced to spiritual death because they can no longer acquire a new epistle! In this way, the Orthodox Church of Greece, slowly but steadily, leads to a decay! At the same time, the Greek state imfits the muftis for the Muslims in Traki et al. And raised the Temeni with the money of Greek Orthodox taxpayers!

In practical application are the following: In our Holy Metropolis we have an YEAR EXTRA (160) ORGANIC POSITION. Negative works have only one thirty (113) positions, ie Today we have only 113 active newspapers! At the same time SARANTA SEVENTH (47) Parodies DO NOT SUBMIT ANNOUNCEMENT! This is not because we do not have a nomination candidate, but because the state can not afford it! For the premier, therefore, these 47 vacant organic jobs are EXCLUSIVE!

In conclusion, we think Mr. Tsipras is once again an embarrassing Church! We are living an interest in the reaction of the Holy Synod. The View of Our Archbishop NOT HELP, because the media cut off His Bliss as he began to speak! I want …… DEMOCRACY MEDIA! They serve an authoritarian regime!

That is why Prime Minister Tsipras "without a drop of chips" completely arbitrarily breached, violated and abolished the existing agreement between the state and the Church regarding the salvation of the Sanctuary of Cleric and, therefore, the promise of the State to the Church for Protection and the payroll of the Holy See. Who assures us that another government scheme tomorrow will not deny financing this SPECIAL DECISION OF THE CHURCH, to which Mr. Tsipras tossed?

Brothers, Synods and other Friars of God, dear prophets, dear deacons! Our church is under the subway! AND Hence, EVERYTHING IS NOW, BECAME IN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE EVANGELS WHO ARE THE URGENT US!

As a result we will note the following: The Prime Minister has so far shown his innocence to the Orthodox Holy Nobel Prize in two ways: a) He refused to accept the blessing of the Church since we did not have a church marriage! b) He also refused to accept the blessing of the Church, since he did not baptize his children! And now what he is doing: He shows all the anger of his soul to the heroic sacred clergy of the clergy of Greece, who was the saint of clergy who stood on tombstones, holding Thermopile! Papaflessas, Ambrosios Frantzis and so many others in 1821, Papa-Skrekas yesterday (M. Petak, April 11, 1947 in Tesla, the ELAS victim) and so many other heroes and witnesses for the faith and homeland during the war … I write, and the first virtues, holiness and freedom are now cast on Kianeda! Without a shame, Prime Minister!



Our Prime Minister Mr. Tsipras is dedicated to the following photographic hagiography!


The Sons of Christ, the Orthodox and the Holy Priesthood!


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