Sunday , April 11 2021

Halkidiki: The beach in Nikiti that is disappearing

Residents of the village of Nikiti are upset Halkidiki from yesterday, because they react strongly to the decision to dismantle the amocrats. These are structures that were made to protect the coastal front from erosion.

Today, from 7 a.m., village bells rang to gather people on the beach, while two MAT detachments lined up early on the shore and patrols closed all roads to the beach.

Residents have gathered on the beach and say they will not allow work to begin, and blockades and fires want to stop the road in excavation machines.

In fact, there were incidents yesterday that led to three arrests.

It should be noted that the demolition protocols related to the demolition of amcrates in the area of ​​Agia Varvara are still active, as well as the protocol on the asphalting of the pedestrian street of Nikiti beach. Today, the decentralized administration of Macedonia-Thrace wants to demolish the amcrates in Agia Varvara.


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