Saturday , March 6 2021

His son Alexis Tsipras is positive for coronavirus


Son of the President of SYRIZA, Orpheus, tested positive for coronavirus as announced Alexis Tsipras.

Mr Tsipras announced the development of the event by posting it on his personal Facebook account, in which he announced that he would be quarantined at home, although both he and Betty’s partner and his second son Phoebus were negative.

Full Tsipras post:

“The coronavirus also visited our house today. Last night our Orpheus showed mild symptoms. We did the test in the morning and just found out the results. Betty and I and Phoebus turned out negative but Orpheus positive. They are fine and as most children expect that it will get over easily.

According to doctors, even though I have done both doses of the vaccine, not enough time has passed for me to have full immunity and in any case I have to stay proactive for the celebrity at home, to rule out any possibility of further transmission. I’m sure everything will be fine. “

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