Tuesday , June 15 2021

Hope exists in the KKE and people who are well informed and determined

KKE KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, in an interview for "Crete New Television", in the context of his visit to Crete, pointed out that the KKE "emits an optimistic message because things can be black but there is hope that the KKE and the people are well informed and determined to support these policies (KKE) on the progress and development of our homeland. "

He called for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the KKE, pointing out that based on the experiences of centuries of struggle that have been jointly and collectively studied, "we can move so that the 21st century brings real victory to our people, our country and ultimately to the people it really comes to power, that wealth-creating workers must become the power and destroy these destinies and theirs and the earth. "

Responding to the observation that "the KKE is a denial party, not," he said, "we say" not "the military bases of the United States and NATO in Greece, we say no and refuse to participate in wars, interventions in that area of ​​the Middle East, To the Mediterranean, around the world, we say "yes" to the peace and friendship of the peoples, we say "no" to memoranda and antipersonnel laws, but we say "yes" to proletarian laws, liberate even the smallest workers. "

He stressed that the KKE had warned the Greek people "not to rest at even the slightest crumbs of relief given by any government, because it will be time to come back again when they find a suitable opportunity."

He said that "a radical change of policy, a new society with a new power in which people would really be in power and production resources for the development of the economy in favor of workers, was a prerequisite for leaving the crisis for the benefit of workers" workers, not in favor of few. "

D. Koutsoumpas said that "comes out of crisis and capitalist development, but will be again for several, not for most of the Greek people."

Asked about consensus among the political forces, he stressed that SYRIZA, ND and PASOK have a "joint strategic partnership for Euro-Atlantic orientation, a capitalist system in favor of BSE and the measures they propose, in favor of monopoly groups as a whole" they think they can have that consensus. "

He also recalled that "SYRIZA, ND, PASOK and ANEL jointly voted on the third memorandum, which continues in the Memorandum of Understanding".

He noted that the prime minister "wants elections in October 2019 at all costs because he believes he will have time to recuperate a few early elections", while pointing out that "there are unpredictable factors and problems in Greece and Greece in the Eurozone and the EU, which can have a catalyst earlier election process.

D. Koutsoumpas stressed that "what the Greek people should be concerned about is that when they make the elections, they have to give their answer, draw their conclusions from the SYRIZA government and previous governments, and have to make it stronger in these elections KKE more determined. "

He stressed that it is possible for people to take advantage of their different governments' experience of "not returning to the slums" of less evil "and to choose the KKE" who leads the race, arguing and speaking the truth even when we lose the truth as we say. "

"Lying will not say even election costs, we'll tell the truth, we will not carve the ears so we can open this road and look at our neighbor in the eyes, not to be ashamed," said Secretary General of the Central KKE.

Tsipras's "election campaign" marked "government wage cuts and tax exemptions," adding that "we should not discuss whether a retirement pension will be postponed for a while, but what the Greek people lost" to "disrupt the Disaster Act, so that the supervisor can at any time request the application of the measure ".

He said that on the basis of a common hierarchy of the Church's premier, "no historical question has been resolved, nor is the state divided by the Church, on the contrary, the problems are prolonged, and the embrace of the state church is now a job".

He reiterated that the CC would vote against the Prespa agreement, which he described as "unacceptable," Al stated. Tzipras "played the role of buckwheat and avant-garde for Mr. Zaev to join the neighboring country in NATO, which is (NATO) a factor of destabilization of the Balkans and leads to border changes that are not negligent."

He added that NATO and the United States are promoting the idea of ​​"Great Albania".

D. Koutsoumpas said that Greece had turned into a "huge American indigenous camp", stressed that people "do not need the revival of the upbringing Mr Tsipras" and expressed the concern of the KKE, which openly expressed to the Greek people that "ahead of us the risk of a regional or even generalized imperialist war. "

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