Saturday , April 17 2021

"Interesting" asteroids can be an extraterrestrial spacecraft

The massive, level of the object that travels to the space with "unusual acceleration" can truly be an alien, according to a new study.

It could be "fully functional research vessels that the Earth intentionally sent extraterrestrial civilizations," says Harvard scientist who will be released on November 12 at Astrophysical journals.

An object thought to have originated from outside our solar system has confused and questioned scientists. His name was given to him "Uumam & # 39 ;, which means & # 39; detector & quot; in Hawaii.

Because of the unusual shape of the cigar and its speed, some have come to the assumption that it is an extraterrestrial culture. The facility was explored for radio waves, and no one was detected. Other scientists called the comet despite the lack of tail.

Now, professor Avi Lemb, President of Harvard's Astronomy Department, and Postdoctoral Smuel Bali, will probably be again alien boat– or maybe a piece of one.

An unusual feature on the object's motion "is easily explained if Uumoumaum does not follow a random path, rather than a landing gear," they write. Such a vessel could be deliberately sent to "identify the mission to the deepest surface of the solar system," Lembe said to his e-mail in the Universe today.

It is possible that the object is moved to space through a natural phenomenon. Or it could be a strange vessel that drives a "solar fabric" that uses solar radiation to launch the ship, according to Lembo.

"There is information about the path of this object, for which there is no other explanation. So we wrote this text, suggesting this explanation," Lemb said in Boston Globe. "My approach to this is purely scientific and proven."

Uumam is the first interstellar object ever found in the Sun's system. She is now moving and is more likely to never be seen again.

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