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Land Registry: How Long is the "Tacit" Extension – Newsbomb – News

The Ministry of Environment and Energy awards a loan for at least one year six months for land registers.

The government is giving a "tacit" extension to those who have not yet registered to do so before the "harassment" begins. Penalties will be calculated on the basis of real estate value and him delay time.

"Citizens are now starting to take the case Land register in their hands » Environment and Energy Minister Kostis Chatzidakis usually said in a press conference on Wednesday, urging people to continue their statements without fear of fines reportedly activated in the first half of 2020.

According to the minister, when assessing the project the amount of the fine will depend on the value of the property and the time delay. "We want to be fair to consistent citizens and those who delay weeks or even months over those who will delay years in declaring their property." said Mr. Hajidakis.

The months of September and October they were best for Greek land registry regarding the collection of declarations for the whole of 2019.

Particularly for September, the number of statements collected exceeded 700,000. Billing rates have now reached 70% of estimated emissions for areas that expired at the end of September, well above the usual 55% target.

Accordingly, the total number of statements collected in October exceeded 950,000. This is the highest number of declarations collected from all months of 2019. The collection rate in October exceeded 65% of estimated entitlements in areas ending October 31, exceeding the conventional target of 55%.

Which statements expire by the end of the year

November deadlines in 10 regional units expire: Kastoria-Florina, in the rest of Magnesia and Sporade, Euboea, Achaia, Messinia, Laconia, Argolida-Corinthia, West Attica-Attica, Samos-Chios-Ikaria, Aegio. Accordingly, December expires in the islands of Zakynthos, Cephalonia and Ithaca. The realization of the citizens in these areas is also assessed by the RIS as positive, and it is estimated that in November the cadastral survey will be close to catching up with the usual goals.

RIS political leadership has emerged convincingly, noting that no citizen will lose property because he was late in registering his property with the land registers. However, as he pointed out, he will not be able to use his property as easily as he thinks. He will get nervous whenever he wants to transfer or change the ownership status of his property.

They should be especially careful thousands of property owners across the country, because it is now a matter of time before the cadastral data will be published in the National Land Register, in areas such as Athens municipality and suburbs such as Volos, Lamia and Livadia, entails the need to check all the details of their property.

Suspension the municipality of Athens is expected to start in February 2020, while new penalties will be increasing, depending with a time delay and is expected to be activated in the first half of the new year.

It is estimated that posting is a very important two-month limitation in securing the ownership of the owner, as citizens have to spot the errors and file the necessary complaints with them.

According to the Land Registry, in the pre-issuance phase, 65% of all audit requests were emailed, The largest share (34.76%) of updates relate to changes in user data, while other requests relate to legal and spatial processing.

Interventions promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy

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