Sunday , June 20 2021

Martins: Convinced of Panathinaikos – Olympiacos

After a long time he has scored more than two goals. How important is it to continue scoring so many times?
"If you compare two games with Duddelz are similar stages, but today we've been more effective." and we want to continue, as we have done so far, to show the quality and play that we have shown to be improving. "

What is the impulse of Panathinaikos?
"As far as confidence is concerned, it is good to have a positive result as well as the motivation we already have in our heads, we must look at the game with Panathinaikos, and on Sunday we will face a completely different opponent. Now it was not easy but we did a great job, because we were serious and solid. "We had a result that gave us confidence in Derby. We will play a hard match against an organized opponent and we need attention."

Which message will you send to the world with regard to Panathinaikos?
"As I said earlier to our players, we want to win on Sunday because apart from being a derby, there will be three important points, we need victory and result, we know the world will be on our side and we will reward our side this support, we will try to get the result and concentrate on this game. "

Natcho had more organizational capabilities and Fortune in a more free role. Is this something we expect in other games?
"Costas set two goals because he had a chance and the attributes of Nath's game helped us see it and the performance is effective among them, which does not mean that when Gühmerme, Buchalakis and Toure play, we do not want to see something similar We want to use the characteristics of each player . "" We are roaming and this competition helps them to develop and try to get everything we can. "

Is Natha the injury serious?
"We will have to wait for the next 48 hours, of course, as for Naule and Guerrero, and we want all players to be good and not to lose our choices." Unfortunately, we have to find solutions.

So, how was the group formed, do you want to admit what Olympiacos can do?
"We will wait until the last match, things are balanced, we will see until the last day to see which teams will win the qualification."

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