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Martins: No one thinks Panathinaikos – Olympiacos

Are you expecting a match in the Karaiskaki tomorrow that will remind you of the Greek Championship, as Doletelz will knock down a system that will play with massive defenses?

I do not want to compare. We would generally expect Duddelz to play two weeks ago. He plays low on the defense line but will look to use the transfer with the desire to win his first points.

He broke AC Milan and Betis and will try to look for points he has not yet received. We do not expect an open and aggressive game, but our experience tells us that we need to be careful because we will have to face a team that is on the same level as we do.

Experience tells us that we have to be serious and have to deal with the necessary care. This will be a closed match against the team that will make the correct transfers. I expect Duddelz as we saw it two weeks ago.

How important is the qualifying win for the next round of the European League?

This is an important game, an important step, but the outcome is not decisive, because once there are two teams at the top of the scoring, and we will face them, the qualification will be evaluated in the last game. We have to score points, but qualifications will be played in the last game.

Will you turn tomorrow to Panathinaikos? And because Betis and Milan played at the same time, do you expect to win Betis in qualifying in the last game with AC Milan in Karaiskaki?

We'll see some changes tomorrow, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for change. For the second game, I can tell you that we will be completely focused on our game. We know we will face an opponent that will make it difficult for us.

We must use our world, win and offer a spectacle. That requires all of our concentration. We can not now worry about what will happen in Betis – Milan, because if we do not win Dudelance, it makes no sense. That's why we look at our game.

Since Hasan returned earlier, is he able to get three 90 minutes a week?

All players are available for our games, except for Guerrero. Even Hassan, who later returned, is available for participation.

Since there were suspicions about Omar and Vukovic, they are all ready. We have a team that re-establishes footballers like Hassan. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see who will play.

You said you would not have your mind in Betis – AC Milan. However, did some players see having their minds in Panathinaikos?

No, no one thinks Panathinaikos. We are focused on tomorrow's match because it is a tough match. This is an important game for all players who want to show a good person in Europe, we want to be kept high.

This is a game we should not underestimate the opponent, we know it will be difficult and make sure we just think about it.

I also have to say I'm excited about the way players respond. Vukovic and Omar wanted management, but they are all excited and looking forward to winning time.


Andreas Bouhakalakis was the one who presented his teammates at a press conference. In detail what the international average said:

What do you need to look at tomorrow so you will not find any unpleasant surprises?

It is very important that I enter as in the past two weeks, with the same passion and strength. We showed from the beginning that we wanted three points. It will not be easy. Dudelanz has a good team and there is nothing to lose.

I think they will try to get the first points in the event. We'll be as hard as we are serious and what the coach will tell us.

How did the victory on Mars work in your psychology and since you have the advantage over Panathinaikos?

The last round of the race was positive in our psychology and self-confidence. But tomorrow, tomorrow is an important match, if it does not win, we will not go with the same confidence in Panathinaikos.

In the field we have to show a serious person with Dudelanz and then work on Sunday Derby.

How do you feel this is a healthy competition at your place?

From the start we knew that the competition was great, the number of players was enough. We knew we could all meet, goals are high and everyone on their side shows their best to get a coach after a decision to see who can help.

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