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OnePlus officially confirms its TV logo and brand – OnePlus

OnePlus will soon be active in the TV market, and recently confirmed the name of his TV rumor (OnePlus TV) as well as the official logo.

Earlier this year, the Chinese company announced its intention to enter the "smart TVs" market, but put its stamp on the project. According to company officials (known as the Chinese brand) BBK Electronics which also has brands Oppo and in vivo and Realm) in the recent years, nothing innovative has appeared on the television market, so they thought they could bring something new to the space.

The TV will simply be called "OnePlus TV"Although the logo is just as simple and straightforward, it includes the company logo combined with the abbreviation" TV "(as we say" Apple tv "or Apple Watch), and the word" Apple "is the logo of an American company So original).

The company said the logo was inspired by classic art forms, a mandala, an ancient symbol also mentioned by Buddhists and Hindus, as well as by ancient Perachor in the north Gulf of Corinth, Greece.

OnePlus did not disclose any relevant information about her television other than following the philosophy of "Never manage"And they will have"burdenless"Design.

However, according to rumors, the TV will be available in different sizes, with a diagonal 43 inches. 55 inches. 65 inches and 75 centimeters and how panels will be technology "OLED“And analysis 4K that the company will build TPV Display Technologies, The TV is expected to be based Android TV and they will have Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 5.0 but also digital assistant AI, Is likely to be released in the last week of September.

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