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Since the anniversary of the event at the Sporting Stadium, one year after the Movement of Change, Phofi Gennimatas has clearly demonstrated that almost ten years after the compulsory election of the memorandum, "the solution is neither misery nor poverty of SYRIZA nor risk and leap into the right-wing reenactment. It is time for a national social awakening. It is time for people to get the situation in their hands. "

In the presence of Mr. Papandreou, V. Venizelosa, G. Kaminis, Th. Theocharopoulosa, the deputy and about 2000 of KINAL's directors, Mrs. Gennimata added that "with the change of correlation we can be a catalyst for political development." In the forthcoming national elections, voting in the Change Movement means an inseparable response to SYRIZANEL's and ND's policy. It's not in maintenance, it's a powerful YES in a progressive change We're not the third pillar We're the only way to truly progressive governance With a clear strategy and new national goals A new rule that will unite instead of dividing In the upcoming elections, voting in the Movement change means big YES, in a new vision, in "another Greece".

Expressing a strong criticism of SYRIZA and ND, Ms Gennimata stressed: "We are looking for a strong mandate to become the power of overturning and to ensure true progressive governance. I'm clear that the question "with whom we will go" after the election is a matter that does not concern us. "It is about the existential anxiety of the two pseudo-monks, created in the election galleries of SYRIZA and New Democracy." The question of who will go after the election is evidence that no of the two aliens there is no answer as to how the country should go It is their proof of their election insecurity It is their awareness that the Greek people are replacing It is all open It is their insecurity and despair We are answering their anxieties and uncertainties: "Begin carefully to read our views and our proposals for Greece because you will be forced to follow, not your thirst for power." The mission of our faction is not to save Tsipra nor stabilize floating Mitsotakis, the duty of our faction is to guarantee hope for the future of our homeland and we will do it consistently – as it has always been our lineage.

In particular, in his fiery criticism of SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras, Fofi Gennimata talked about the weight that the progressive faction has to release and emphasized that "this last government term is a group that has violated principles and values. on the left, nothing progressive, on the contrary, they exposed the Left and its struggles in the eyes of the citizens, they have to change, find their own identity, and Mr. Tsipras has become the weight of the left. they are. "

He turned the arrows in ND and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, pointing to "hiding behind the conjunctural polar performance," which is refreshed only for the purpose of preservation, and he does not hesitate to give up on this novelist and supposedly liberal proclamation.It is in an awkward position waiting for "mature fruit" , without a plan, without a plan, without a plan for the earth, is put on all the critical issues with "yes, but." And just swears in all directions that he will faithfully fulfill the obligations that the state made with in the name of "modern", "new", "liberal", and "liberal", as well as the "new", "liberal" has gone to the right defensive train. "

According to Mr. Gennimati, Miss. Tsipras and Mitsotakis are dancing "irresponsible tango and two faces of the same stoppage because they fit into artificial biptized." They only agree on one thing: in trying to plunder and eradicate our faction. Therefore we answer them: you have returned and missed it! Now you're going to fall! The power of change, the force of power, the power of hope, the power of dignity is our faction. "Both communities cover responsibilities for the period from 2004 to 2009, Mr Karamanlis, which has led to a crisis: one is an amnesia, and the other when I am telling them to come to the exam," said President of the Movement of Change.

He claimed that our foreign policy was implemented by the defense minister and became a tool for party interests SYRIZA and ANEL. "Our country is exposed internationally with Kamene's irreconcilable and irresponsible attitude," and accusing Mr Tsipras of indifference to this picture, is dragging on the extradition of his right-wing associates to keep a chair for some time.

"I hope the country does not pay its blurred mind. Unfortunately, with the election and the responsibility of the Government and the main opposition, the necessary national consensus on the great issues of the country has gone a long way and despite our persistence.

True patriotism is an element of our identity and a priority in our politics, "said Mrs. Gennimata.

Fosfi Gennimatas, claiming a direct attack on the prime minister, claimed: "Playing his last letter, Al Tsipras, gives everything, and plays with the casino's casinos, is not the prime minister of the country who is in his most critical turn in its recent history. "Left" Mr. Tsipras is definitely verified, both inside and outside the country, as a willing servant of the mighty, but who helps the powerful, internally internacionalizes himself, in the face of his election, as the merciful king of the citizens of the kingdom boast "

According to the President of the Movement of Change, "The solution to the earth is not" you "-" come. "The solution to the earth is the destruction of dead politicians," he said and spoke of "political change with the policy of change." "Development with Social Justice". With the dignity of society and Greek citizen.

The President of the Movement for Change tried to boost the momentum of last year's 212,000 friends and supporters for his election in his leadership, stressing that he dared and succeed. "212,000 co-founders of the movement have shown the dynamics of the new player, the dynamics that take care of our political opponents, thank you very much for your love, for your trust, and I promise you, I will never deny you. change, we can re-create the line together We are here, we have decided to fight for today and tomorrow's place Together we all believe in open society, dignity and credibility We do not say so why do not we say the so-called European and supposedly progressive battlefields whose only the goal of strengthening biptizement, polarization and division? "

Fofi Gennimata has responded in high charges by accusing the government of using a scandal to hurt the Movement of Change: "In the government's electoral arsenal, the scandal is in the foreground, and now the false news is being used as well, Mr Tsipras's panic will bring him to please everyone. hit the Democratic Party, succeeds … Eleftherios Venizelos, I'll go back to it, let it all come to light, transparency for everything and everywhere, but justice does not have a bearing on doing your job, leave the suggestions, not as you said , the case, the public feeling that your keels, the ones who act on your behalf, daily, are being deceived, the justice must be blind and without a single view, the advantages of the institutions we are protected by the rule of law, the institutions that are already delivering the results, who made the laws legal or non- scandalous rights Who sent every case when he saw a state attorney Who has removed a party from a member of a party On the contrary, all of you, and who is the prosecutor going to unresolved verdicts in your own Council of Ministers when you sent the minutes to justice? Who refused to integrate the two critical periods NW (2004-2009) and SYRIZANEL (2015-2018) into their control when they actually cause and sustain the crisis? "

He even stated that the Movement of Changes does not allow the political life of the place to change in the arena, as this would hurt the Republic. "I am determined to defend the honor and reputation of hundreds of thousands of members and members of the faction who have been giving the country and the Republic for years with ethos and honesty. Anyone who predicts the fulfillment of what has been tried and failed to "dirty" 89 is in vain, "said Mrs Gennimata.

Developing a political and program proposal for the Change Change Movement that Greece called for to overcome the crisis and take constant steps for development, Fofi Gennimata said he would submit the draft law directly to the House with the aim of:

(a) economic recovery, the production of new wealth and job creation, the liberalization of entrepreneurship and the productive and creative forces of over-taxation and multiple obligations, as well as the renewal and expansion of support measures for the islands.

b) Enhancing social justice for many of the restoration of injustice and increasing the sustainability of the social security system and the protection of vulnerable persons, persons with disabilities, the elderly and the first home of small and medium-sized households


Dignity for a retired person. With a just and viable system that respects the principle of contributory benefit, with a lower income for a single 500-year-old pensioner, reintroducing provisions for widow widow's widows. Neither the Disaster Act nor Pinochet's solutions.

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