Wednesday , January 27 2021

Ouzounidis: "Faith, selfishness and we will not give up" Superleague and AEK

In detail, what Ouzounidis said at a press conference.

For defeat, if fatigue worries after 65 & amp; reaction to the other goal: "After 1-0 we put Vasilis ahead, we opened … We started the game well, we knew we had to hit early, we made the stages in the first half, but we did not have a clear mind. We missed something else to do Since then, as time went by, we were tired, we tried to change the team with the changes but unfortunately we did not do what we wanted. As the game went, with three beams and chances we would not have to to lose the match, so the ball is … Very bad result, we will try to manage it for the next, something is not lost, it is football, Atromitos played defensive and took advantage of one phase it got. "

How to reverse the situation: "From us, just from us. Let's make the ego, we believe and continue." We can not give up. "

The fact that Ponce did not start the game, but Mandalos started: "Eki was close to 60 sprints with Bayern, lacking freshness, and it seemed to have changed today, I wanted to be more relaxed in front, so it was clean, but that was not a problem, since Eki came in, I do not think we have been attacked . "

Due to the fact that Boege quickly emerged as Bakassetas-Mandalos remained in the end: "With Tassos and Peter, we wanted to open the rooms for Livia and Ponce, the biggest problem being our team, they seemed in the second half, they did not have the strength we wanted."

Any anxiety in the team or inequality: "No discipline, no nervousness, we were unjustifiably nervous. The desire for a quick goal, with some whistle, resulted in nervousness and we should avoid it."

Will he open up his role today and he thinks there's a big deal in the game: "In one of the three beams, in the other two beams, what to do if it went in there would be quite different results. After we started with Peter and Mark in front of us, we wanted a center on the bench, why were the two? the most resting place, namely Bakasseta, Boege and Livia. "

If he feels pressure after this result: "No. I'm very worried about results, but up."

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