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Panther 2019: Child of the First Child in Kozana

According to Kozanimedi, 4th GEL Director Babis Giannakopoulos had 19253 points and, of course, will attend the school of their choice.

The child of a great family (with four brothers and sisters) comes from Crocus, Dimitris he managed to write 19.9 of mathematics without having an hour in a group or private tutorial!

As he says,

"The road to Panhelenica is surrounded by myth, endless tiredness, reading, forgetting to live and all that. I think our choice is sometimes to manage every challenge.

Panther is the biggest ever. The question is how you will deal with it. With joy and optimism or absolute despair. Honestly, I was not entirely optimistic. "I do not even pass the request" he gave and took. Of course, I loved the lessons and sometimes I was angry. By January I realized that it was a pleasure (you can do it with a pleasant experience). There are so many people who spend the same thing and cry together.

Without screaming (and burning) years does not come out. But it's important to become an external observer and as long as you can go well. And I will not say I did not read. I left my bones on the table in my room.

But there was a day when I did nothing. How many people know I did not know when page 113 was in biology? (and did not fall because it is otherwise bourgeois …). How many people know I've become a tourist? But in the last few months, you are rooted and become one with the Trinity. Some say they do not deserve to suffer so much.

I believe that if students see Panther as a gift and a FREE learning opportunity, the image will change. Finally, I would like to thank my family and friends for all the teachers who supported me (school and textbook).

Of course, at each step I always seek the help of our Christ and the desire of my spiritual father "

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