Tuesday , June 15 2021

Roditissa bought … a country on the moon, for a daughter-in-law!

What are Nicholas Kidman, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, the late Ronald Reagan, George Bush senior, Jimmy Carter, Harrison Ford and 39-year-old Rhodes? The answer is … Earth on the Moon!

In 2001, when Roditissa saw on television news that a limited number of parcels on the moon were sold in Greece, as celebrities, celebrities, royal family members, and many eccentrics around the world already ran "fast to blow away!

That's why he immediately called the show from where he was referring it to the Real Estate Agency that solved all bureaucratic procedures. 39-year-old pays 40,000 drachmas to buy two hectares, in a privileged position whose price has jumped today, because it is now rare!

The online survey on land prices on the moon shows that the price of buying several hectares on its surface over the past few years has risen to over 50%!
She said in the "Democratic" that she … is a privileged surrender to the Moon for her daughter, who is now 18 years old!

Has property titles, contracts and proof of purchase of plots:

… who belongs to the moon?

In 1980, Dennis Hope sought to become the "master" of the moon. Thus, on November 22, he acquired this astral body by signing the "Declaration of Ownership," according to which the ruler of the Moon, led by "The Chef of Cheese", was created. This strange fact was not a scam but part of a larger Hope project, which did not stop there.

He then created the "Embassy of the Moon", which proclaimed the county as a business, and then sent the USSR and the United Nations their account and $ 55,000 as a storage lease as well as a garbage bill. After completing his actions, he decided to do what every businessman would do: start selling his property. Thanks to the Internet and regular advertising, the "Embassy of the Moon" has experienced rapid growth. This has led Hope to claim that 3.6 million people have become the owners of this astral body hectare!

Hope actions are in contravention of the Space Act, as defined by the international community. However, this did not prevent the hope of expanding its business and giving buyers the option of buying Web site addresses as well as moons belonging to other planets.

However, the first sale of land outside the Earth came about in 1955 when Robert R. Coles, the former director of the Hayden New York plan, decided (as no one ever owned a real estate on the moon) to sell five hectares of land for the dollar. The business was not very good and the project was quickly forgotten. In 1980, Denis Hope, the owner of the Lunar Embassy, ​​is the largest such type. He originally sold the aliens … alien assets at the supermarket and is now only active on the Internet.

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