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SKRATS: Earnings of EUR 3,605,512 last week in GREECE

The gains of thousands of winners are distributed daily by SKRATS.

Last week, from 08 to 14 April 2019, SKRATS allocated a total of 3,606,512 euros. Among the winners was the happy winner who earned 100,000 euros in the "Happy Cat" game as well as the lucky winner € 10,000 in the "Triple Eftari" game.

SKRATS is constantly earning new friends
because it's the only game to play
offers profit at this time. Their range
his games are constantly expanding and
three new ones have been added recently
Games: new game "Enough."
a cat with a tail! ", worth five euros, what
offers 16 opportunities to profit by
500,000 euros, play "Goals for 500 €",
worth one euro, with 2,000 lucky lottery
who earn 500 euros and
new game "Emerald 10", value
ten euros, offering 22 options
for a profit up to € 1,000,000.

SKRATS is available in OPAP agencies, bakers, kiosks, mini markets, ELTA stores and selected supermarkets.

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