Saturday , January 16 2021

# Stack_Tips: Turn Twitter on Speech … Hitler and Mussolini (pictures)

He was surprised somewhat on Sunday with what he said Alexis Tsipras, speaking within the framework of the work of the Paris Peace Forum. "Righteous and nationalists have their own clear and timeless plan. Share a society, target specific social groups, nourish fear, invoke a national dimension that does not fit anyone above those who are elected.

Hitler, Mussolini, spoke in tortured societies, where fear and despair dominated. "

It is true that most people were not surprised, they might have been shocked, and those who responded directly to Twitter users who saw their prime minister turning "NO" into "YES" on a popular referendum, so that the World War I event in the World War II event had to be a toy. So they got their "weapons" and they were very uncomfortable # Stokos_Tsipras, they have "got" the Greek Prime Minister for what he said.

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