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Stella Mizeraki: Shocking message for Panos Zara (photo)


It's been a month since his tragic death Panos Zarla.

His own people have not forgotten his 28-year-old former player Power of love who soon left life in a car accident Avenger Syngrou in the evening 31 May and he celebrated his birthday several hours earlier.

His former companion Panos Zarla and his teammate in his first round SKAI likes reality. Stella Mizeraik, she wanted to send her own message this special day.

surrender Instastories his photo Panos and wrote: "When you live in memory, you can live forever."

Stella Mizeraki: An incredible discovery for Panos Zara

They called her show Eleonor study "After midnight" on alpha in the evening on Tuesday found his former companion, Panos Zarlu, Stella Mizeraik.

Former companion of his winner Power of love 1, who lost his life in a car accident on May 31, spoke to the leader about a fatal event and his relationship with him Panos Zara.

Stella Mizeraik she said she never wanted her ex-boyfriend to get the machine. He also looked at the incident when her uncle went to Constantinople to see her during the match and had serious accident with the machine.

"Panos when we met." he did not have a machine. I never wanted to get it. I asked him I do not get it. He had earlier lower engine volume. That was not the case. After all, I did not want the machines because of the incident with my sting, he said among other things.

However, she was shocked her appeal to the viewers, through which he has transmitted his own message about traffic and driving behavior:

"The guys are watching you ride. There are people waiting to come home, dream, live, have your dreams. Be careful not to destroy them, "she said, unable to keep the tears.

Stella Mizeraik "Breaks" her silence and says the first time after his death winner his first cycle Power of love, Panos Zarla.

"I was shocked"

The former girl of the unlucky young man was the host emission his Open "Happiness" with Katerina Kenourgou and she talked about her relationship with him Panos Zara.

Obviously shocked by his death Panos Zarla "Until now, I have not become accustomed to such situations and events and I want nobody to feel what we felt these days." I did not believe it and I do not remember how many times I took the phone until I believed it, to confirm, I had a shock. I have never had such a sudden event without waiting. I could not figure it out. I really want through my heart No one ever feels that feeling, the loss of one's own close relative. "

"We had friendly relations with Panos"

For the relationship she had after their separation, she mentioned Stella Mizeraq: "We had very good friendships. Me and our families. That is why my people and my men were sad, so my family came to Mytilene at the funeral. Whatever you do before this event is a bit we are weak in such events, the less we can do it, and we can not go back to the past. "

"I was at a party in Panos because he came to me"

For his evening the birthday of Panos Zare resulting in a tragic transport event Stella Mizeraik He said, "I was at Pan's party, as it was on my birthday party." Although we split up, we had very good friendly relationships. Whatever happened we had very nice moments and I want to keep it in my head. Everyone has only good words to tell about this child. And really, this friendship and relationship that we developed was very beautiful!

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