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The Challenge of SYRIZA speaks of democracy and popular sovereignty – Newsbeast

At a meeting in Heraklion, Crete, on the theme "Symposium with KKE to make the right cause, "said Secretary General Dimitris Koutsoumpas, who, among other things, said:" From what we learn, the government among many unpopular scenarios, which is being debated now is partially cut off pensions and at the same time begin a year earlier voted for the reduction of tax "

"In any case, government negotiations with the Commission staff, which put people in the" dilemma "from which pocket will continue to do, to recover the capital, have an unconditional status: Do not risk" "Primary surplus and other unpopular terms described in the Memorandums" he stressed.

"Social justice and support in the weak words are wordless, simple slogans for government officials who continue to ridicule the so-called Countermeasures," he added, and then refers to the "only" countermeasures that remain intact. measures to increase business profits, such as club tax cuts and subsidies up to 100% of employment contributions for young workers. "

"These are measures that the SYRIZA government will issue for approval, for which ND will vote if voted." It is obvious that ND will both have the right to vote on capital reduction measures, many of which have their own suggestions, "he added, as it is broadcasting Athens News Agency.

He stressed that "cycles of Mr. Tsiprasa, in front of the sinister German Social Democrats today in Berlin, reveal themselves. Not only show the complete mutation of SYRIZA, but also a deadly embrace with Merkel's associates, all those who exaggerate extreme law and fascism with their politics. "

He said that "constitutional audit is another" work "undertaken by the SYRIZA-ANEL government to serve the interests of capital and consolidate its power," adding that "out of the" justification of the memorandum, Mr Tsipras is now committed to returning the corrupt civil political system, against which there is an intense dissatisfaction with the people ".

He stressed that "everything else, in order to deepen democracy and the popular sovereignty that serves his proposal, is just a cover, but can not hide the reactionary content of the Constitution as a whole, which in the context of today's capital power, neither progressive nor democratic can be done. "

He also referred to the aspiration for more enduring, ongoing struggles against civilization, civilian co-operation governments, "and to share police responsibility over multiple bourgeois parties – which can be provided by simple analogue – but also for its implementation without any obstacles, gaps and disruption."

"That's what they are trying to do with their proposal to elect PSD and so-called Constructive voices of distrust," he noted.

"As long as capital requires stability in the implementation of anti-grassroots policies, for their profitability and competitiveness, the working class, the people, must, in their struggle, seek the opposite, delay, hinder the way, they make up the streams that lead to the river that will take us to the sea of ​​radical change, "said D. Koutsoumpas.

It was "challenging" to talk SYRIZA for democracy and popular sovereignty when workplace terrorism and authoritarianism are prevented when strike participation is often shifted equally, while "the challenge becomes even greater if one thinks that this government, in addition to employers' complacency, imposed additional barriers to strike by law."

He did not fail to emphasize that SYRIZA even dares to destroy the overwhelming demand for separation of the state church.

"The struggle of the people – not the assumed changes from above – is a factor that can follow the popular democratic rights in the collision course with a trully system that has not been corrected or sanitized," he stressed.

D. Koutsoumpas appealed to the KKE, saying, "we can continue, we can do much, only with a much stronger KKE, with a much stronger radical populist movement with a strong anti-capitalist – antitrust alliance of resistance and demand centers for contemporary rights of youth and workers, # 39; forward, in the foreground, the contemporary needs of people and young people.

"Everything is measured by a key indicator: how strong will the KKE will be, precisely because the certain power never abandons its position in avant-garde work and youth struggles," concluded D. Koutsoumpas.

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