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The controversy surrounding Rome-Berlin following charges against Sea-Watch Captain 3

Sea-Watch 3 seized shipowner and Captain Carol Rachete was put in house arrest on Saturday because he defied Italian authorities and fired ship with 40 rescued migrants to Lampedusa, intensifying diplomatic clashes between Italy and Germany.

Italian Interior Minister Mateo Salvini, a right-wing right-wing immigration resident critic, said Sea-Watch Captain Aggressive Tactics 3 showed Italy's "criminals". The 31-year-old German Karol Rachete faces a ten-year prison sentence for his actions.

German Foreign Minister Haider Maas urged Italian authorities to reconsider their reaction: "Maritime rescue is not allowed to criminalize," he wrote on Twitter. "It is up to the Italian courts to explicate the charges."

The ship of German non-governmental organization is linked to the Italian island of Lampedusa early in the morning. The ship of the Italian customs authorities attempted to prevent the ship from being locked, but was forced to depart from captivity at the gates.

Immigrants sailed from the ship, where they stayed more than two weeks after rescuing the Mediterranean, but their destination is unclear. The EU countries have offered to accept them, but negotiations on the deal are in progress.

It was said that Rachete apologized to the customs authorities for the incident: "My intention was to accomplish my mission, and not of course to harass your ship," says ADNkronos.

On a charity Sea-Watch charity, a new Italian law may impose a fine of EUR 20,000 ($ 22,800) on ships carrying migrants and violating orders to stay outside Italian territorial waters, sources from the Interior Ministry say.

Sea-Watch spokeswoman Ruben Noebaberger told the German DPA agency that the decision to tie the ship to Lampedus was issued because the ship's situation became unbearable to the crew after more than two weeks at sea. "It was the last desperate attempt to secure the protection of people," he said.

Racers were sent home by Agrigento prosecutors, the Italian news agency ANSA reported. She is facing three to ten years in prison for resistance to state authorities, resistance, or violence against war brood, and can also face allegations of fomenting illegal immigration and violation of the rules of dispatch.

"They've taken off their masks: they're criminals," Salvin said in a video he posted on his Facebook page after SeaWatch's permission to Lampedusa. "It's nice to say" save lives, "but almost kill people who did their job."

Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Assellorne urged Italy to leave Rachel free of charge. In an open letter to his Italian colleague, Enzo Mavière on Milan, Asselborn said Rachete was only trying to save his life when he defied Italian authorities and tied for Lampedusa.

In the light of Maas's comments, Askelborn wrote: "Rescue of human life is a duty and should never be considered a crime", on the other hand, "this duty should not be considered a crime."

Since there is no agreement on how to deal with migrant migration in the European Union, Asselborn has persuaded Italy that Luxembourg will continue to show solidarity with asylum seekers who come to its coast on fleet-operated ships.

Salvini defended his sharp stand on immigration, arguing that his actions "helped wake Europe" despite the continued stoppage of asylum policy in the EU.

Meanwhile, the next conflict may occur. The open arms of Spanish Proactiva Open Arms and Alan Kurdi from German Sea-Eye were sent to the Mediterranean, from the Libyan authorities.

Salvinin, addressing two charities, said, "Do what you want, but do not miss us for fools."

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