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The first candidate to leave and the reactions will change

It could be described as a cult habit, when the Reds lose their immunity and go to the polls. It would definitely not be played in a bet because the chances would be in the tartars, such as going out in … taco o Rose in Survivors 4 has now become an institution. This time he even asked for it, influenced by his new injury. So the singer will once again (we lost the number) be a candidate to leave, and it remains to be seen who will face him.The mixing of the teams was the main topic of conversation in red and blue on their shared beach. THE Alexis Pappas which returned and red Eleftheria Eleftheriou and became a team with him again Rose He spoke, noting that a new book is now opening.

… commented on Alexis Pappas’ new book James Kafetzis and Nikos Bartzis who find it hard to believe they will see a change. Throwing the game to the red team will become gunpowder, James believes, while Alexis-Triantaphyllos is also worried. Carolina Kalyva.

Other players who were not convinced by Alexis Pappas ’unifying speech also explained. The 34-year-old actor believes they were all caught on the surface, not in essence.

The tensions didn’t take long to come. The reason who will sleep after the team change, with Rose and Costa Papadopoulos have disagreements.

Just the opposite Marialena Roumelioti she picks up her pieces after “parting” with him Saki Katsouli.

Sakis Katsoulis also spoke of his separation from Marialene, while his ex-girlfriend then took the floor and made her a member.

In the first fight against immunity week in which two new teams will fight in the mud, Sakis Katsoulis and James Kafetzis were the first to enter the battlefield, and red now Sakis found goals for 1-0.

The two teams showed that this time the match will be a derby and that’s what happened, because together they reached 9-9 and were brought to flag race where Marialena and Nikos would face Elias and Caroline. The winners are the blue s 10-9, with Nikos Bartzis giving the last point to his team for adoration.

After the victory of the blue o George Lianos asked O. George Koromi who wants to win a totem of individual immunity from his former team and saying he supports Elias and Carolina and would like to see Alexis Pappas leave survival game SKAI very quickly. At the same time, he wished the injured Triantaphyllos a quick return to competitive action because they want him as an opponent in the games.

IN individual asylum Alexis Pappas i Elias Bogdanos they reached the end, but with a singer wearing a totem around his neck.

In the council of Fr. George Lianos he asked Alexis about the new book, while Costas Papadopoulos said he didn’t believe in Pappas ’unifying speech because, he said, it was duplicitous.

The pastry chef continued to give drugs to Alexis Pappas and Triantaphyllos, calling the players real, not Survivor, and “Duffy” became “Tsaki Chan”.

When it came time to vote again, the Reds, even in the new lineup, threw … black on Rose, who, as it was revealed, was asked to vote for the good of the team.

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