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Thesaurus Stevena Hawking sold over 670,000 euros – SKAI (


At the Auction House, Christie's hammer is a personal subject of a British physicist.


Stevana Hawking's thesis was sold for more than 670,000 euros and his wheelchair cost 344,000 euros, outpacing her own estimates of Christie's auction house on British personalities who died on March 14 at the age of 76.

The dissertation on "Space Spreads" was sold instead of 548,750 pounds (671,460 euros), almost four times more than the auction price of the Christian online auction that ended yesterday evening.

A young student in Cambridge, Hawking published his dissertation in 1965, two years after diagnosis with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that gradually paralyzed and sited in a wheelchair.

Jane, his first wife, has just written a 117-page dissertation. But I added, in a tweet, his signature and phrase, "This thesis is my original work," as well as some mathematical equations.

The dissertation was published on the Internet last year at Cambridge University and thus required it to temporarily disable access to the University website.

The red leather wheelchair with which the physicist moves at the end of the eighties sold nearly 300,000 pounds (344,000 euros) to be donated to love. Estimators calculated between 10,000 and 15,000 pounds (11,200 euros and 16,800 euros).

Cute medals and awards were also sold instead of 300,000 pounds.

A total of 22 items were put on auction, among the personalities and scientific articles that the researchers made famous, as well as the episode of The Simpsons 2009, which was sold instead of 6,250 pounds (7,170 euros). The scientist, who was in the series as "the most intelligent man in the world," appeared in four episodes.

Many souvenirs reflect the decency and humor of astrophysics that devoted their lives to trying to enter the secrets of the universe.

The dissertation of Stevena Hawking sold over 670,000 euros
At the Auction House, Christie's hammer is a personal subject of a British physicist.
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