Tuesday , November 24 2020

They set up a mobile hospital in the parking lot

Northern Greece and especially Thessaloniki are still at risk due to coronavirus. Despite the fact that the number of infections on weekends is significantly reduced and that the whole country is in the 2nd week of the lock, the wave of the epidemic is decreasing “at the speed of turtles”. EODY announced 2,311 cases of coronavirus yesterday, Thessaloniki has 606 infections and Attica 382.

The situation in hospital in Thessaloniki choke!

Coordinator and director of the pulmonary clinic of Sotiria Hospital, Mina Gaga, speaking today for MEGA, said that Northern Greece is in a very difficult situation. He noted that hospitals will monitor cases with a phase difference of one to two weeks, and hospitals will be “burdened” for at least another 15 days. Regarding the loss of young people, even without underlying diseases, he noted, “We are losing a new world and we need to realize that we are dealing with a very difficult problem.” At the same time, he mentioned that, in addition to patients who are hospitalized, there are many others who are ill and are treated at home.

Today in his parking lot 424 Thessaloniki Military Hospital a pre-election hospital is set up to help if needed in large the presence of patients with Covid-19.

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The job is expected to be completed and it is ready to Monday.

The portable hospital consists of tents and containers and fan beds will also be developed. It will act as a reception desk for the Covid incidents.

The hospital was used in Afghanistan when part of the Greek army was sent there.

“Desperate” characterized situation in hospitals and The Director of the ICU Papanikolaou Hospital, Nikos Kapravelos.

Speaking to SKAI, Mr. Capravelos did not hesitate to mention it he is afraid that there will be and the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is the third consecutive vigil we have 80 new imports who need support and we do not have an intensive care unit to help them. When we start intubating, we need repression and we need staff we don’t have in the intensive care unit, we gave everything to the intensive care unit.

The army came in, private hospitals came in, but the top, or intensive care units, were full of despair. The state must take bolder measures, we must increase firepower, not half the measure. We cannot face a beast with half a measure (…) The dead have reached a three-digit number, what else can we call to reach a four-digit number? », mentioned and continued:

“Don’t think we got involved with another wave … Will open the economy, it doesn’t happen otherwise we won’t stop breathing, I’m afraid of the third wave. When the economy opens, I’m afraid the next wave will come in January-February. “.

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