Wednesday , June 23 2021

"Turkey recognizes the national air space of Greece 6 miles" – Newsbeast

The answer warned me Ankara in the placement of Kammenos in parliament, according to which The Turkish Air Force has filed a request before sending its fighters to FIR Athens.

It is well known that each state must request permission for civilian and military flights to use the airspace of another state. It does not have to be said that Turkey recognizes Greece's 6-nautical miles of national airspace and therefore requests permission in accordance with international rules and habits of passing or transporting flights over Greece. This is not a new practice, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamami Akyou said,

We remind you that the Greek air space is 10 nautical miles, and Athens has the right to extend it to 12 nautical miles whenever it thinks fit. Here is Casus Belli Turkey.


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