Sunday , January 24 2021

Video documentary from the murder of Makrisa

The shock causes a new one Video documentary who has seen the light of publicity by murder entrepreneur, Yannis Makris, in Voula.

The performer, as shown in the new video that SKAI has read, has not left Business man there is no place to escape.

Everything was done inside five seconds. executor begins to shoot on the side of the passenger and then on Yannis Makris still manages to get out of the car wounded.

At that time, the offender makes a circle of cars, and continues to shoot until a businessman leaves his last breath. Yannis Makris, as seen on the video, sees the face of his killer and tries to escape without success.

His boss was his father, Yannis Makris

The 46-year-old father collapsed Yannis Makris, at the burial of his son, who happened in Sydney in Australia.

After a ceremony that took place in Vouli, Yannis Makris's body was taken to Australia to be buried next to her sister, Vicky. Vicky Macri died of leukemia at an early age in the late 1980s. After the murder of Yannis Makris, just one of the three 82-year-old families today, Stelios Makris,

Stelios Makris talked with the Australian diary Dailytelegraph describing him as bending his pain when he buried a son next to his daughter. "I saw my two kids die before my eyes," was his dramatic statement.

Macri family traveled to Australia to bury 46-year-olds. On the side of his widow, Victoria Caryda stood at the ceremony and praying prayer in the temple of St. Nektarios in Sydney, a teenage son of a murdered man since his first marriage.

Indeed, the kid was among those who wore a 46-year-old coffin on his shoulders. In Australia, the two youngest children of the Makri, who got married to Victoria Caryd, did not travel.

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