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Vulnerable suspension of the Athenian voice for the dead sister and justified anger – Media

Legitimate anger is triggered today on Sunday after the voice of Athens was hanged for an exclusive nursing sister who lost her life jumped from Saturday from the first floor of the General Hospital in Nice.

Fifty-year Armenian who worked without documents, one of the victims of illegal circles, was afraid of police control and tried to escape, jumped from the window to the first floor in a vacuum, but seriously injured. He immediately moved to Hitman, but soon came the end.

So on Sunday morning, Athens Voice decided to comment on a tragic event with an inexplicable post on the Inbox column, and she went to the official Facebook page. This column is presented as "a note of political timeliness with a critical view and humor from the famous Athenian Team".

Poor suspense of the Athenian voice for the dead sister and justified anger

The newspapers, not respecting the loss of human workers, and disrespectful of the women's family, have come up with racist comments that, in addition to violating the journalist code of conduct, disgrace and clear attack. The tragedy has used the micro-political critique in an unacceptable manner by mentioning the emergence of Tsipre in the gardens of the 2008 Presidential Palace with the resettlement of Candice Sanco on the anniversary of the renewal of democracy.

Suspension A.V. eventually collapsed after massive reactions of social media users, many of whom were invited to appear on the site.

Poor suspense of the Athenian voice for the dead sister and justified anger
Poor suspense of the Athenian voice for the dead sister and justified anger

Others have recalled this "fair report" about the clashes of October 2015 (still available on the internet).

Poor suspense of the Athenian voice for the dead sister and justified anger

However, it did not exist until the time these lines were written, a correction on behalf of A.V. As an excuse, that would be the least that her people could say for their little earthquake.

The story of Kantiki Sanco

Sanco was 23 years old when he was accompanied by Alexis Tsipras and symbolized the anxiety of thousands of immigrants who, although born, lived and grew up and worked in Greece, remained a "foreign body" for the state.

The symbolic move of the then president of the Coalition and the current prime minister was an attempt to show the intent of concern for these people, with the immigrant permanently escaping from our country and now living in London. Kantsa came to Greece from Sierra Leone at the age of 11, finished an intercultural school, gave Greek language and wrote at age 18 at TEE. However, he could not get a residence permit. She had a job in the hairdresser's salon where her employer had stamped the mark and could have papers. She went to America for a few months in a mission mission, but her license expired in the meantime. As he said in Kathimeria, he had to get a visa from the Greek embassy in the United States to return.

"When I came back, they told me they would ban me because I did not have any papers," she said. Randomly, the African Women's Association suggested she accompany Mr. Tsipras to the Presidential Palace.

Poor suspense of the Athenian voice for the dead sister and justified anger

"Soon after, they told me they would take my papers, but I would have to do the whole process from the beginning, that they were canceled all the years when I lived here, in fact, that all the knowledge I received from the Greek school, my the acquaintance was invalid. "

"Indeed, I brought them a lot of paper, but that did not mean anything I studied (I got a scholarship to study at the Hellenic American College for missionary work.) I had to find someone to sign to work for him." I had to do it every year, every year I studied, I felt compelled to lie. It was crazy that I had to do illegal things to be legitimate, "the immigrant said at the beginning of 2015 at" Kathimerini ".

The story will continue if you do not know your current wife, the Englishman. "I came to London and first gave me a visa for two years and then I was forced to leave my scholarship in Greece, but I was very upset."

As now citizenship is attributed to those who have attended a school in Greece, you can read the terms listed in the revised law here. Therefore, what is planned for those who complete the Greek university or TEI.

For the death of exclusive nurses, ARIS General State Nikaia announced the following notice:

"A tragic event happened yesterday at our hospital." A fifteen-year-old woman, probably an "undocumented" economic migrant who worked as "exclusive" in order to escape control of the security staff, jumped from the balcony on the first floor, who knows what the woman meant without a name, invisible to official government mechanisms, for most of us, a woman?

Have memories of golden hair hurt in her a few years ago? When was one of their "actions" been extorting foreign "illegal" hospitals? She was afraid she would go to the police and be locked – deported? She was afraid she would be considered responsible by REAL NON-COMMERCIAL BUSINESS and she would be left out of business? We will never find out. We will never find out, as long as there are invisible people in the country, smugglers and dark private interests, people doing the most treasured jobs, the lowest salaries, people without any protection, people persecuted by poverty and poverty in their homeland, people of parody – children of the inferior god.

This is not at all a coincidence. This is the result of tragic abandonment of public hospitals by all governments over the last thirty years. There would be no need for "exclusive" if the system is adequately filled with nurses, nurses, etc. There would be no need for financial bleeding from the families of the sufferers, since, in particular in long-term hospitalizations, the corresponding costs were covered without funds. There would be no need to look for more cost-effective solutions. There would be no place to develop a whole black shop. It is important to note that the circuit is never a matter of concern. Only the last wheels of the car, "illegal" …

This is the result of a complete absence of organized, public, free time, public care at home and decent structures, older, helpless, chronic suffering. This is the result of political decisions that use bank rescue taxes, repayment of preferential loans to the EU and the IMF, fund capitalist "development" and do not create decent life structures for their own when they are in need because of age or illness.

Will Polakis apologize for this death? Is not he the one who recaptured the earlier circular Georgiadis, even asked medical staff to "snatch" "illegally"? Although this phenomenon could easily be removed by taking necessary care staff and support staff on a need basis? But it can not … In financial control he voted along with the memorandum … .. The commander of the hospital will apologize? Will he feel that he has the smallest part of responsibility? We can easily assume he will share his responsibilities, but he alone, from the strict isolation of his WHON office, is in the hospital, he did not dedicate the time he needed to figure it out due to the lack of logistics infrastructure in the hospital due to the tragic situation. crappy and air-conditioned chambers, uncontrollably looking at each walnut wallet, renting televisions, kayaks, private emergency wagons and everything else that appears? And for all this, families of hospitalized people pay very much … Of all this, only foreigners are disturbed …

"Unfair" … Really, when most nurses work twice a day at 16 o'clock when a hospital owes a year of rest, when patients are at risk of a ranch and chambers without air conditioning, who is "illegal"? Obviously someone is present … always … oh deal! O cynicism! We demand that the round Polakis immediately withdraw. Please excuse the political leadership of the Ministry of Health for All That and Death of Women. We seek massive employment of permanent staff to eliminate the need for "exclusive" in general. We really demand free public health in decent places, so there is no place and no way for any private, legal or illegal person to enter the window. Public structures are needed for free support of old and chronic suffering. We do not accept black workforce and slavery. Give paperwork and full rights to all the people of the country! ".

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