Thursday , February 25 2021

Xiaomi launches wireless AirDot – named after … | Reporter Cyprus

Xiaomi's first trip to the true wireless handset industry may have a name that sounds like AirPods for some strange reason. The company announced yesterday that the event in New York will take place with "significant celebrities" and promises to present its latest and greatest products.

Only the best time, Xiaomi is preparing to release the so-called AirDot. It could only be a change of name for Apple AirPods and a white charging case, but it costs $ 30 for a pair, at least in China, and is one of the first in the market that comes with Bluetooth 5.0. The latest wireless standard promises less connectivity, better synchronization and battery life.

Xiaomi also made the AirDots without a button, providing a touch-screen external to control volume, answer calls, or silence it in the middle of a conversation by double-touching. There is also a virtual assistant that answers your questions, but only if the dots are paired with the Xiaomi smartphone. The mapped task is automatically loaded as soon as you remove it from the loading / unloading box, as long as you've gone through the initial match process. Last but not least, the "special" 7.2mm magnetic coil chamber should take care of enhanced audio experience.

It is unnecessary to say that at this price, which we do not know which will be in Europe, can give a large number of sales to companies. First of all, AirDots will take up to four hours to charge, instead of six hours of Apple AirPods. If you hear only one, the promised battery life lasts up to five hours. It can be charged three times with the built-in battery in the chassis, which increases the "listening time of up to 12 hours" during the trip.

Secondly, there are no promises to cancel noise and Xiaomi does not state any water certification for the first wireless headset. In terms of application and quality, we need to get a couple in our hands to tell you with confidence. Xiaomi is known to offer good value for money, and hopefully it will be translated into AirDots with Bluetooth 5.0.


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