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Zorić's authority, but with the right National – Basketball – Greece

Obviously … emphasized at the premiere, the U19 National Championship prevailed 85-69 Filipino fighters on "Two Aries" and rightfully entered the World Cup of Heraklion.

The Greek national team was in -10 in the first quarter (12-22), and three minutes were battered by Asian fighters, but it started with the right competition and is now awaiting the toughest tests against Russia on Sunday and Argentina on Tuesday (20). : 30).

Nico Arsenopoulos with 18 goals and Aris Sotiriou scored 16 points with first goalkeeper Gianni Kastritis.


Karampelas, Arsenopoulos, Georgalas, Hugaz and Voulgaropoulos started a match for the "injured" Ethnik, who saw the Philippines with Soto and Ildefonso in front of six, 10-16, despite Edou's injury with knee injury. The voices of Yannis Kastritis have not wakened the internationals in the schedule, seeing that the opponent "builds" the two-tone difference, 12-22. The entry of Sotiriou and Hatzidakis improved the image of the Greek team, which approached four (20-24), but the payment of its poor regional defense (4/7 three times more than the Philippines) closed at quarter -7, 20-27.

… normal nationality came at the start of the second season, and drivers Sotiriou and Arsenopoulos went ahead, 28-27, with 8-0. Bazinas made a brilliant job in defense, keeping the Asians in two points for six minutes, resulting in … 37-29 of Karambel's second goal in the match. Forced rotation broke up chemistry in Greek 5, and the Philippines and Abadiano returned their lead (39-41) before Sandramani's whistle reached 42-41 in the semifinals.

The derby continued in the third quarter, and the national team could not make a race that would disqualify, but at least defeat Skao Skagachos with three misdemeanors. Arsenal's 5-0 scorer was 56-51, but the scary 14/24 shooting failed to let the Greek team have a difference of more than six points at the end of the season, 63-57.

Two beautiful personal baskets of Rogavopoulos and Arnokouros brought the first two-digit leadership, 67-57. Alfantino's tricom and offense gave life back to the Philippines (69-62), but did not hurt the Greek team, returning the two-time difference, 73-62 and without significantly endangering the rest of the game, came to victory.

Ten minutes: 20-27, 42-41, 63-57, 85-69

judges: Basque (Puerto Rico), Calcio (Canada), Ortega (Ecuador)

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