Saturday , September 18 2021

Durant’s Internet League Insulting Mufflers Fines $ 50,000 NBA Taiwan | Lianhe News

  1. Durant’s internet suffocates people from the evil language alliance and fines him 50,000 US dollarsNBA Taiwan United News Network
  2. NBA | Durant was fined 400,000 yuan after apologizing for many internet failures | Apple DailyHong Kong Apple Daily
  3. Harden Nets win-win situationLiberty Times electronic newsletter
  4. NBA / KD Internet people choking banned league with $ 50,000 fineUDN United News Network
  5. The apology will not save Durant ‘s 1.44 million fines for swearing on the Internet Apple News | Apple DailyTaiwanese Apple Daily
  6. See the full report on Google News

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