Thursday , February 25 2021

Li Xiaojia: China-US trade war urgently needs to seek consensus – Newsletter website

Following US mid-term elections, the Democratic Party has again taken over control of the House of Representatives and could be balanced by US President Trump from the Republican Party. Li Xiaojia, executive director of Hong Kongske Stock Exchange (00388), believes China will not have room for breathing due to differences between the two parties. He wrote a long article about the trade war between the Sino-US, and the most important thing is "Do not divorce." In today's event, he believed China and the United States urgently needed to seek consensus on both sides, otherwise it would be more difficult in the short to medium term.

China has recently announced a number of measures to open the market, and is expected to carry "Shanghai Lun Tong" during the year, and Li Xiaojia said that the continent will not be fully open in the short and medium term, so China and Hong Kong will be interconnected Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect to be interconnected. It has to be done in the same time zone, and the regulators of the two places must have a high level of trust and interaction if crossing the different time zones must be in different shapes.

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