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M503 Disputes en route faced with land pressure, Taiwan hard to rebel | Global Overview NOWnews today's news

▲ In order to resolve the disputes of Chinese airlines operating the M503 mainland, the overtime flight of flight 176 at the 2018 Spring Festival was not approved, and Lu Fang also unilaterally announced the cancellation of the application. The picture shows a flight from China Eastern Airlines. (Photo / Photographer Lu Yongchang)
▲ 20th Land Council did not report to the media that Lu Fang vetoed the situation proposed by our Civil Aviation Administration and the change of overtime machine at the Spring Festival (Photo / Reporter Lu Yichang)

The unilateral use of the M503 route in mainland China has triggered a spike in Chinese civil aviation units and international attention. For land airlines flying on the M503 route, the Civil Aviation Administration has suspended the approval of the overseas flying machine 176 as a punishment, but the international community also believes that Taiwanese non-ICAO members are facing pressure from Beijing. There are difficulties.

When the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament's Security and Defense Committee (SEDE) met 24 hours in the afternoon, it exchanged views on the issue of "China's global military power" and discussed recent conflicts between the two sides on route M503.

SEDE chairwoman Anna Fotyga said the M503 threatens flight safety in Taiwan because some flights in Europe also fly to Taipei, and this threatening move in mainland China could also harm the safety of EU citizens. He should be concerned.

Dubravka Suica, Vice-President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, pointed out that mainland China has not negotiated with Taiwan to launch the M503 dispute route, and is too close to the Taipei Flight Information Region (FIR), which could likely jeopardize aviation security.

Christophe Manet, deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, believes that judging from the M503 issue, because Taiwan is not a member of ICAO, it is difficult to face pressure on the Chinese mainland.

Following the opening of the M503 route in China's northern district, the mainland MAC and civil aviation office have recovered, and the Foreign Ministry has also asked foreign personnel to vote in foreign media and seek international support. The Civil Aviation Authority has suspended overtime spring machine approval as a punishment, including 176 flights by China Eastern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines, and more than 40,000 passengers on both sides of the straits have been hit, but the move has also been criticized as the Cai government and neighbors quarreled and beaten. Children are shown to strangers.

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