[Olimpijske igre u Tokiju]The Ugandan weightlifter was found after missing 4 days and returned home at the earliest today-Yahoo 体育

  1. [Olimpijske igre u Tokiju]Ugandan weightlifter found after missing 4 days and earliest to return home todayYahoo Sport
  2. Missing Ugandan athletes from the Tokyo Olympics finally showed up and fled to Nagoya before being shocked to make a big oolong | Japan TodayHong Kong 01
  3. Ugandan runner who dropped out wants to apply for refugee embassy in Japan: send to his country today | Apple News | Apple DailyTaiwanese Apple Daily
  4. [Olimpijske igre u Tokiju]Missing Ugandan athlete in Mie prefecture interrogated by Japanese police – Tokyo Olympics-News-Headline DailyTitle daily
  5. Tokyo Olympics︱ The disappearance of the Ugandan player has progressed. Japanese media: Police found him in Mie districtHong Kong 01
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