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Really play alive 5G mobile phone, you can actually get crazy !!!! | Qooah

From June 26 to 28, in Shanghai, MWC2019 was held under the theme "Zhilian All Things". At this conference, live performance was pretty bright. In addition to the Jovi 2.0 smart service and super incredible 120W ultra-fast flash charging, a series of 5G applications such as a live 5G mobile phone and live AR glasses are also displayed. Let's first look at the changes that the 5G mobile phones and 5G networks are most concerned about.

Vivo released 120W "Super FlashCharge" fast charging technology, 50 minutes full 50% !!!! (with film)

This time, it will show live commercial 5G Vivo NEX 5G and iQOO 5G mobile phones, and 5 GB of live mobile phones will be available in the third quarter of 2019. As a 5G mobile phone, our Qooah is of course tested on the spot, and can take up to 1Gbps in the 5G network environment. And add a host of new features, such as 5G wireless projection, 5G inter-transmission, and 5G cloud gaming features.

5G network is a real game cloud game

In the field test, the game of 5G clouds displayed on a mobile phone vivo 5G is based on the powerful ability to process 5G cloud clouds, runs directly on the cloud server and turns the video game screen into video stream through cloud server and then transmits it to video stream through 5G network. Vivo 5G mobile phone, achieving high definition image and gameplay with little delay.

Through Streaming via the 5G Cloud Playground Network "Need For Speed"

The most important thing to achieve real-time mobile gaming in the cloud is the response time. The live entertainment 5G mobile phone test is only 12ms so the game's darkness is greatly reduced.

Streaming games through cloud servers can also adjust traffic demand by setting the screen resolution of the game (movie).

In addition, on-site live 5G mobile phone also displays 5G wireless projection screen and 5G interconnect, which also rely on 5G network and cloud server to transfer content to a 5G mobile phone in real time. In particular, the 5G wireless projection function, the official said that even if the mobile phone in Beijing, you can do 0 hesitations and immediately screen in Shanghai.

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