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The Google Stadia platform comes online, subscribes to rental services, and buys additional games! XFastest News

Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform will be officially launched in November this year, and the initial subscription will only be open to subscribers, and will be available online at the next free service in 2020. Recently, Google's vice president and general manager, Stadio's boss Phil Harrison said the Stadie game would not be much cheaper than the host and PC platform. resolved.

Stadia has two subscription packages, Stadia Pro with a $ 9.99 monthly subscription, 4K + 60 FPS streaming support, an ever-increasing library of games and game discounts, expected to appear in November this year; Stadia Base will be available for free, supports only streaming 1080p + 60 FPS, and will not be able to play the free Stadia Game Library and will be online in 2020. Many think that Stadia will adopt Netflix's subscription-based pay-per-view model, but in fact is the Stadia library of subscription games is only a small part, this platform will also sell price objects, and Stage Subscription is more like renting. "We are at a great time transforming the industry and moving away from the predominant consumption model." Harrison said that Stadia would require customers to buy new games based on paid subscriptions. For bids and discounts, Harrison said that Google Cloud Games did not have much price changes, it does not know why players think cloud games will be cheaper, allowing players to play on any device, including TV. Computer, tablet, mobile phone. Publishers or developers at Stadia have the same absolute control over prices as Google, so it is difficult to determine the price of the game at that time but will focus on the main market prices.

Previously foreign media reported that the Google Stadia platform was playing games, the minimum network requirement of 720p is 10 Mbps, 1080p requires 20 Mbps, 4K requires 35 Mbps, and maybe an hour requires 15.75 GB of traffic. In this regard, Harrison believes that issues such as traffic restrictions will be provided by internet service providers (ISPs), and service providers are smart. They know they must always ensure consumer satisfaction and ensure that consumers continue to choose their services. Stadia will use intelligent compression technology, and sometimes the actual data traffic is much smaller than the network speed limitation, so you can not directly calculate real time throughput multiplied by the time of the game. Game course.


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