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Trump intends to withdraw the minister of trade Ross by the end of the year – Financial News – Xincheng Finance Channel

Trump intends to retire the Rose Store Minister before the end of the year

10/11/2018 1:53
The news noted that US President Trump planned to replace Commerce Rose before the end of the year.
CNBC quoted three sources as saying that Trump told staff how he intends to use the world's Wrestling Associate, Linda McMahon, who now manages the Small Business Administration (SBA), replacing Rose as a trade minister. Ma Hong also told Trump consultants that she would be willing to accept this position if she was named.
News also pointed out that Trump also considered another candidate, an overseas private investment firm last year's President of Washburn, and the news pointed out that the issue was not completed because Trump often changes his mind at the last moment. Will Trump Push Rose?
In order for Trump to replace Ross with McMahon, the White House book Sanders did not deny it, only there is no change at the moment.
Managing small businesses did not deny it, saying McMahon is proud of serving the president and focuses on promoting 30 million small businesses in the United States.

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