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Zhuo Lin returns to Hong Kong to open the company, Wu Yanli, Wu Lili, live alone – Hong Kong Sin

I went home in December last year, and at the beginning of the year I was on the streets of Canada to find my father. In May I announced that I had earned a living with her oldest girlfriend of the same sex Andi and earned her living expenses. Wu Yuli's daughter, Wu Zhuolin, grew up and left her mother. Almost a year later, there were new developments in the near future! In FB, the company and Ande group of media companies sent letters to various public relations companies in Hong Kong and said they would return to Hong Kong with Ande in a week. In the world of women and women, teaching and teaching were repeatedly taught and failed, and the unmarried woman returned to Hong Kong, she did not know her mother, and the heartwarming Wu Yuli could relinquish her religious support and continue living alone.

Author: Oriental Xindi Photo: Zhuo Lin IG, New Media Pictures

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Zhuo Lin is back in Hong Kong to open the company

Since Zhuo Lin was born in 1999, Wu lives with her mother and daughter, and unfortunately she moved to Hong Kong from Shanghai for 11 years, and the environment changed, and her daughter grew up and became rebellious: two mothers and daughters they always warn from time to time. Enter the hospital. Last year Zhuo Lin fell in love with Andy for 30 years, and Wu Yuli left her only daughter in life, fortunately she had the faith and support of her friends and learned to release her for a year.

After downloading the Red andi internet, Zhuo Lin has many actions, and after leaving the house, announcing the government, recording his father and broadcasting his mouth, announced a multimedia company with Ande last week and will return to Hong Kong within a week .

Announced engagement

Although live broadcasting costs are limited, however, the resistance between Andy and Zhuo Lina is in love this April, and two have updated their emotional status and announced engagement.

Go buy it yourself

In addition to continuing painting, a plant of flowers and vegetables, he also released new work photographs after his 45th birthday last month, and he also invited ViuTV's new drama "Utopia" and Lin Zuhui as husband and wife. A few days ago, this magazine found that Wu Yuli came out to buy bags and oils. Although it was still an exclusive village, but its spirit is easy to look relaxed, rarely smiled, it seems to be used to living alone.

Wu Yuli

Wu Yuli

From the addiction of life to being alone, it seems that Wu Yuli was used to living alone. She recently went to the supermarket to buy bread.
Wu Yuli

Wu Yuli

In the family there are foreign maids and two love cats, Wu Xiaoli's stuff is like big families. I only bought two loaves when I went to the supermarket.

After he bought the package, he went to the oil station to enter the oil, and Wu Xiaoli, who looked relaxed, also welcomed the gas station staff.

Life is a person simple, buy a bag and finish the oil. Wu Julie thinks about driving home and going home.

A short message, my mother continued to work

Zhuo Lin and his fiancé Andi had been away from Hong Kong for nearly a year and last month they updated their personal accounts at a time, announced a new group of UCHU hause media companies and invited friends to pay attention to the company's personal and new accounts. Looking at the Facebook page of the company "UCHU hause", and Zhuo Lin and A ndi claim that the company's chiefs and more than 10 Hong Kong public relations companies have received the message "UCHU hause" at the same time. Zhuo Lin, who sent a message, said after a week. Returning to Hong Kong with her fiancé Ande, I hope to cooperate with big companies and be invited to attend the event. I also mentioned that I particularly appreciate the voice and the cooperation of local comrades. When others thought that the two mothers and daughters remained incompatible, Wu Yuli had announced that he announced the latest publicity and received a message from her daughter "to look good", but the child just happened. As always, the outside is informed before Mom is!

Wu Yuli

Wu Yuli

Like Wu Lili, who has been living for almost a year, he finally started his new job at the age of 45 at the beginning of the month. He also voluntarily contacted Zhuo Lina, who lost her relationship for a long time and she lauded her mother to look good.

Wu Yuli also participated in the new drama of VIU TV last month, and she will play a part in the Lina Zuhui game, which is not alone, but also teaches and communicates.

Earlier, Zhuo Lin published a photo of the company that was opened by IG and the half-life photo salon of Andy.

Self-organizing multimedia company

Personal social websites have not been updated since November, and Andy has suddenly been restored with the new love of Zhuo Lin at the beginning of last month, and the official FB's new company announced.

"UCHU hause" data show that the company is located in Toronto, Canada, and Zhuo Lin and Andi are both the owners of the company.

After returning to Andi's hometown in Canada last December, Zhuo Lin once called for takeover and accused of raising waste. The two also made two screens, lived in their lips and shouted: "I'm Jackie Chan's daughter."

New companies are calling for promotion and co-operation in photos and short films, and Zhuo Lin, who is in charge of photography, is also publicly approaching the photo of nature, which is considerably younger than when she is next to her mother!

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