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2022 World Cup: It was a wrestling match, but we were ready for it – Rich

After the 4-1 success of the Hungarian national football team in Andorra, the three scorers, Dániel Gazdag, László Kleinheisler and Attila Fiola, were evaluating the qualifications for the World Cup in front of the M4 Sport camera.


“I recommend the victory and the goal to Zsolt Kalmar, his injury is unfortunate – Honvéda, our second time, started our second goal, scoring our second goal and being successful in the national team for the first time Rich Daniel. It was important that we took the lead even in the first half because after that the picture of the game changed. It was a wrestling match before, but we were ready for it to be so. The Andorrans are pinching and shooting, and the trail has helped them more. There are such meetings. “

Like the rich László Kleinheisler He also wished that Zsolt Kalmár, who was injured in the first half, would recover as soon as possible and then stressed that the most important thing was to get three points.

“Personally, I have no problems with artificial grass. I am glad that we managed to win, that was the most important thing, and also the fact that I scored a goal for the national team again. He was not an easy opponent, but we analyzed them, and we expected that. “ The midfielder of NK Osijek said.

“The most important of the three points, the goal is just the icing on the cake – said our guide for leadership Bottle for Attila, who along with Rich was successful in the national team for the first time. – It was hard to play on such a field, artificial grass is a completely different world. We started the game badly, we didn’t play well in the first fifteen to twenty minutes. Andorra attacked us and we tried to get the ball out but we didn’t have to play it, we had to play Ádám Szalai. In the second half the game was decided by our second goal, after that we could play what we wanted. ”

As for Zsolt Kalmar’s injury, federal captain Marco Rossi, speaking for M4 Sport, said he feared the DAC midfielder’s injury was serious and he would not prepare for the European Summer Championships.

Andorra la Vella, National Stadium, 300 spectators. Led by: Thórarinsson (Iceland)
ANDORRA: Josep Gómes – M. San Nicolás (Rubio, 62), Llovera, Emili García, Alavedra (Rebés, 77) – Alex Martínez (Cristian Martínez, 62), Marcio Vieira (Pujol, 77), Vales, Cervós – R. Fernández (Aaron Sánchez, 82), Aláez. Federal Captain: Koldo Alvarez
HUNGARY: Dibusz – Fiola, Lang, Szalai A. – Lovrencsics G. (Varga K., 83.), Kleinheisler (Nego, 83.), Nagy Á. (Sigér D., 61.), Zs. Kalmár (Rich, 29), Ant – Nikolić (R. Varga, 61), Szalai Á. Federal Captain: Marco Rossi
Gólszerző: Pujol (from 90 + 3 to 11), ie. Bottle (45 + 2.), Rich (51), Kleinheisler (58), Nego (90)


England and Poland 2-1 (
H. Kane, 19-11, Maguire 85, resp. Blue 58.)
San Marino-Albania 0-2 (Manaj 63, Uzuni 85)

1. England 3 3 9–1 +8 9
2. HUNGARY 3 2 1 10–4 +6 7
3. Albania 3 2 1 3–2 +1 6
4. Poland 3 1 1 1 7–5 +2 4
5. Andorra 3 3 1–8 –7 0
6. San Marino 3 3 0–10 –10 0

National Sports reports on the venue: Bence Babják, István Kocsmár-Tóth (text), Károly Árvai (photo)

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