Sunday , January 24 2021

András Csonka – Metropol did not even recognize its own colleague

A shocking turnaround is expected in Nicsak, who am I? In an episode of Mystery Stage. THE TV2 the newest member of the jury of his successful show, András Csonka because he was beaten by one of the fellow actors during the filming.

Photo: Metropol

– I have been on the field for a long time, maybe I can say with certainty that I know almost everything in the Hungarian star world. So I thought it wouldn’t be hard for me to recognize the changed voice, the characteristic movement. I couldn’t be bigger! He laughed. – The characters hid their identity with incredible skill! I could hardly believe my eyes when a colleague with whom I played in several pieces and with whom I was personally on good terms emerged under one of the masks. However, I did not recognize him, which proves that this show brings huge surprises not only for the spectators, but also for us, those sitting in the studio, said Bandi, who tries to expose Hungarian celebrities behind valuable costumes in the company of Ábel Anita and Király Király. .

Photo: TV2

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