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Do you want a banana? – The most exciting indie of the past few weeks

We became friends with bananas, fought with demons and praised the magical ship with the most exciting indie titles for the past two weeks.

Summer months are usually seasonal cucumbers in the video game industry, with the exception of E3, grass does not grow in the publisher home. However, in the last two weeks there was no exciting indie or AA category, which is definitely worth investing if you want to break up with some cool, exciting games. We will also show you what to do with the harvest in the last two weeks.

Bloody: Ritual nights

  • look: 06/18/2019.
  • what: PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
  • price: 39,99 € (approx. 12,900 USD)
  • Steam Store Page

Bloody: The Ritual Night is the latest game that Igarashi, who was a producer of the Castlevania series at the time. Bloodstained is accordingly the intellectual successor to the famous series, which was at that time a great success for Kickstarter, where the platform was one of the most supported works with 5.5 million combined support.

The BloodStained: The Ritual of the Night is an essential-play, metroidvania-style action game that takes place in London in the 19th century. The protagonist is Miriam, a young orphan whose body slowly turns into a crystal for a terrible curse, and in order to save himself and the world, he has to go through a demon-filled castle to eventually master the ghost leader Gebela. In addition, Bloodstained promises gamers an exciting game, exciting scarves and 13 free DLCs.

My friend Pedro

  • look: 06/20/2019.
  • what: Computer and Nintendo Switch
  • price: € 16.79 (approx. 3.400 USD)
  • Steam Store Page

My friend Pedro is an amazing, lightning-fast action mix of eternal style, created by Devolver Digital, and probably one of the latest titles in the last week with a quarter million sales.

According to the developer, My Friend Pedro is an aggressive ballet performance of friendship, imagination, and human desire to destroy anyone in the way, at the command of self-conscious banana. My friend Pedro offers lightning-fast action, some logical puzzles, destructive environments, and elaborate controls but not one of the most spectacular add-ons of action games.

A subdued city

  • look: 06/24/2019.
  • what: PC, PS4 and Xbox One
  • price: € 48.99 ($ ​​15.850 USD) at Epic Store
  • Epic Store Store Page

loc Last year, Lovecraft's work provided a practically incapable topic for all sectors of the entertainment industry, and for video games there is no other thing: recently the Ukrainian team Frogwares pulled out the myth of Cthulhu. The studio was famous for Sherlock Holmes's upcoming games, but with its latest creations, it drank in the darker waters.

The suburban town takes place in America in the twentieth century, exactly on the east coast of Oakmonta, which was flooded with water after the flood. Here, detective Charles W. Reed comes to find out what caused the flood, but soon he must realize that the whole phenomenon is surrounded by an incredibly dark, unmistakable mystery. Sinking City is waiting for those players who are not afraid to face a great deal of excitement, horror, and, inevitably, inevitable scams.


  • look: 06/21/2019. (Early access)
  • what: PC
  • price: 3.99 € (approx. 1.290 USD)
  • Steam Store Page

Viewed at first glance, this is one of the minimalist graphic indie games, which primarily seek mood with their mood. The story of the game focuses on a lonely child, helping us to escape from a very dark and very depressing place. Based on the above, Seen seems to be a very promising game, but it's worth noting that at this time only a very short early version of Steam is available, although developers promise to continue to expand.

<img title = "seen-indie-01" src = "http://www.pcguru.com/uploads/editors/seen-indie-01.jpg" alt = "vidljivo-indie-01.jpg”/>

Play without a head

The game without a name does not sell gay, that's all we can expect in the game. In House House work we can create a foul, malicious goose whose only purpose is to spoil the day to every inhabitant of a quiet, small settlement.

In gameplay, there will be great emphasis on stealing various objects (such as keys) and secretly, and even if that's not enough, the developers will also have a separate embedded pop-up button. What if this is not a mandatory bid?

Among the trees

Most survival games usually take place in a rugged, uncomfortable place where, besides the power of nature, we often have to deal with mutants, zombies, or worse than other players. Compared to this, between the trees offers a much more relaxed experience, because we will have to live in the depths of colorful and colorful woods and expand our small house.

Of course, life will not be so simple: if we do not take care of it, the predators of that area will soon come to our neck, but even a snow storm can catch us if we do not have luck. And in order to grow in food and building materials, we must find this bright and vibrant world.

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