Saturday , September 18 2021

Elon Musk stole the money from the investor on Twitter

Twitter account certified as Elon Musk stole $ 150,000 from trusted social media users. The chopped and renamed Twitter account promised that someone who pays a certain amount will get 10,000 bitchips.

The Pantheon Books account has Twitter with an authentic blue flag. This means that the drawer is verified and verified. The average person is hard enough to get a blue pip, as in most cases public figures, well-known people, journalists and business people.

The account was hacked and the perpetrators renamed "Elon Muskra" and started collecting capital on the community site. In the name of Muska, it is promised that those who pay between $ 0.1 ($ 640) and two bitcoins ($ 13,000) will invest 10,000 bitcoins worth $ 64 million.

The site then shared a QR code that could be used to earn a hacker. After only an hour, 326 people were sent to a total of $ 150,000.

The Twitter message has since been removed and the social networking site is working on reimbursing the account to its legitimate owner and investigating the matter. This is not the first time someone is trying to get money on Twitter with the name Musk. In September, Dogecoint was trying to collect hackers (what is Dogecoint?).

Elon Musk, leader of TeslaSource: AFP / Brendan Smialowski

Criminals have since changed tactics. First they try to crack some authenticated accounts and then rename them so that more people can get unwanted content. Twitter is still struggling with such fraudsters, but it still can not permanently stop this type of activity.

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