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Esport 1 – All Esport in 1st place!

The Grand Prix event did not go with Valve's plan.

2019. Summer sales of steam He got his limited edition, but he did not go like that valve It is planned. It is not enough for Corgi to lead astonishing superiority over other animals, which is meaningless for the remaining four teams to make a winning start, and the award Valve promised has led to misunderstandings.

The Grand Prix event awards formulated a rather unusual Valve, which is stated on Steam's official website:

"Do not forget to update your wish list before you push the gas on the floor because the best of the best drivers are randomly selected during the event."

Since users have come to the desired wish list, they have started to wipe wildly indie and other cheaper games to keep only three addresses on the list. The programmers naturally flooded Valve's mailbox with complaints letters as they worked hard to compete with major publishing games. There is tremendous competition and little money for effective marketing, so every indie address in the wish list is a positive feedback for developers and even generates revenue if they actually buy their game. Because of the Grand Prix event, Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and other very expensive titles appeared on everyone's list, despite the fact that only Steam users had to change the order of their games as desired. AND "Most Wanted"here does not mean that it is" the most expensive "or the fact that the algorithm randomly sorts all the games on the list of desires and takes the top from the top to the stack.can delete huge amounts of indie addresses.

"Every day Grand Prix, random members of the first, second and third teams will be ranked first on their Steam Wish List. Random members of the winning Grand Prix team will not receive more than the first three items on their Steam Wish List."

Valve apologized to indie programmers and once again asks the user not to delete the games in the wish list, just sort them to the top they really want.


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