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Everyone is a small scientist made by Renewed Miracle Palace (X)

From the twenty-two years of existence, the Miracle Palace has always been one of the best places for a family program, but since it has been moved to God, that is exceptionally true. It does not even just wait for the family, but also for young people at the same age as for older people who like natural science.

Slowly a year ago the miracle palace moved from Campone to Óbuda. Since the launch of the first SNA center in Central Europe since 1996, it has been replaced four times, and is expected to last for the last time. On the Vienna Road, the finest world science field is divided into two floors, on 5,000 square meters, where you can enjoy the fun of studying.

"Here we are bigger and more modern in Óbuda than at any time in the last 22 years" He says Mizda Katalin, Wellness Center Manager Miracle Center Nonprofit Kft. "Here we could pay more attention not only to the abdomen but also to the outside, but in the previous places" – The director points to a really impressive interior. He betrayed: Unfortunately, a sacrificial game to be sacrificed on the altar. "Great, attractions like a monster like a crane lifting a car, we had to say, but in return we have twice as many games."

At present there are 250 interactive, scientific demonstration games in Csop, located in 8 thematic halls. Walking on the Space Station or wandering around the Magnetic Field or walking through the Hall of Scholars, kids can learn to play and admire the secrets of natural science. "Along with the Illusion exhibition, we come to the limit of science and art " – says Katalin Mizda, who tells us that 5D and 9D movies are among the most popular attractions.

Personal favorite director is an exhibition of the world of birth. "In recent years, our main goal was to open physics in addition to other natural sciences, including biology. As a four-star mother, I'm confident that it's much easier to talk about the subject's education from the sterile environment of the classroom without the need for tension." The bill is committed to giving space to the noble task of providing information and directing children to a direct, scientifically, but sometimes humorous, way of conception and birth.

Family Wicked Wonders

They are also happy to relax and learn adults and retirees, but essentially focus on children and families. "There are so many visitors who were in the adolescence of Vaci, and now they bring their children. We see that they are primarily looking for what is still known, which in the meantime they really loved, but they want to see it again."

The place in Óbuda was designed so that the children felt as if they were just in the playground. In a theater where not only feel, but also their parents. "When you are watching the weekend during the weekend, you do not see that adults only sit and wait for their children to wait for their children as an average playwright but are actively involved in the events. wanted to release the last dungeon, "he says.

Those who come with a family can switch to a separate family card that can not only play 250 interactive games, but can also participate in thematic programs of the Csopa Csodák Family Week, which can be experimented with by the grandson of the Gedeon Richter Laboratory or the Galaxy Room. and the weekends and afternoon programs, so the Columns from Monday to Thursday will be cumulative.

Birthday in the Miracle Palace

According to Catalina Mizda's experience, more and more families choose Palace of Wonders for their birthday event. They have a special package for them: a birthday party can use a parent's room for 3 hours, and can take part in exclusive lectures and laboratory sessions, followed by a common pizza or birthday cake. Even a whole day program in Csopa can be organized with a billiard or table tournament or just a suitable game. Anyone who does not want such a celebration can pay a ticket for half the tickets to Palace of Miracles on their birthday.

Those who come with kindergarten children will be invited to a special Lace Trumpet Lace, which is expertly designed so that games and attractions on the route not only can give younger pleasure but also develop their skills.

For larger every working day, the team of Csop prepares different thematic programs where children can participate in daily rates, which is a very cheap monthly rent.

In recent years, it has become increasingly common to have birthdays and Christmas gifts at the entrances and passages of wonders, probably due to the fact that Csop is an indigenous people who enjoy a lot of fun during the hours spent here.

Young adults and retired people

The unclear goal of Chop is to create the right place for the community in Óbuda, so it is open to young people, grown and retired. You can meet prominent actors of scientific life at the Bolpi Science School, talk to the light tones in the Pub Room or, for example, get an insight into the exciting geo rock rocks of the GeoLab series. Older people are waiting for Seniors Science Club, which was held by former leader Miracle Palace László Egyed.

The Palace of Wonders is not only popular among families but also as a goal of institutional excursions, even among kindergartens, primary and secondary school children. In the first science center in Hungary, more and more corporate events are held, but also welcome the participants of the ladies or girls.

The china is also open for organizing reception, prizes and press conferences in their private rooms, but they are happy to attend wedding invitations. "For any information you can write on [email protected], where you can get a guaranteed response"Promise the executive woman.

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