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F1: The FIA ​​decided – no matter what the penalty for Verstappen

Rather than spending time, money or time, Max Verstappent, the International Automobile Federation (FIA), was sentenced to public work, which had almost offended Esteban Ocon when he tried the Brazilian Grand Prix.

A moment that will hold the media long (Photo: AFP)

Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon Brazil GP 44 has rounded off the pitch – Ocon has already been forced to return to the top of the Netherlands, instead he turned to Red Bull 33 and turned him over.

For the collision of sports watchers (even nice!) Ocont was found guilty, who was hit by a 10-second stop and a stop during the race – the 59-year-rounds were shed. After all, though he also got three more penalty points.

After complaining continued the "show" of two drivers, Verstappen was pushing Ocon to weigh, and the video case, of course, surfed the Internet. The FIA ​​did not want to leave him without saying anything for Formula-1 is obviously a very uncomfortable case, so the sports supervisors called on two contestants.

Since then they have decided on: Verstappent was sentenced to two days of public work aggressive behavior. Although it can not be called a standard punishment, Sebastian Vettel got twice over the last two years. After the Grand Prix in 2016, because it was "negative" said Charlie Whiting's director at the team stadium after the Azeri Grand Prix in 2017 and because he deliberately pushed Lewis Hamilton for the car during the car's safety phase.

Penalty was not just Ocon's after the Interlagos race. Two McLaren drivers, Fernando Alonso and Vandooney Stoffel both of them hit the two units because of the neglect of the blue flag. Besides, one They also received a five-second sentence.

first Lewis Hamilton British Mercedes 1: 27.09.066
else Max Verstappen Dutchman Red Bull-TAG Heuer 1.469 s.
the third Kimi Räikkönen Finnish Ferrari 4.764 s.
4th Daniel Ricciardo Australian Red Bull-TAG Heuer 5.193 s.
5th Valtteri Bottas Finnish Mercedes 22.943 s.
6th Sebastian Vettel German Ferrari 26.997 s.
7th Charles Leclerc monaco Alfa Romeo Sauber 44.199 mp H.
8th Romain Grosjean French Haas Ferrari 51.230 s.
9th Kevin Magnussen Danish Haas Ferrari 52.857 sek.
10th Sergio Pérez Mexican Mercedes-RPFI 1 round h.
11th Brendon Hartley New Zealand Toro Rosso-Honda 1 round h.
12th Carlos Sainz Jr. Spanish Renault 1 round h.
13th Pierre Gasly French Toro Rosso-Honda 1 round h.
14th Esteban Ocon French Mercedes-RPFI 1 round h.
15th Stoffel Vandoorne Belgian McLaren-Renault 1 round h.
16th Sergei Szirotkin Russian Williams Mercedes 2 rounds h.
17th Fernando Alonso Spanish McLaren-Renault 2 rounds h.
18th Lance Walk Canadian Williams Mercedes 2 rounds h.
Posted circles circled cause of loss
Nico Hülkenberg German Renault 32 He gave up
Marcus Ericsson Swedish Alfa Romeo Sauber 20 He gave up
VB-compiled country
DRIVERS WIN to win Scored. POINT
first Lewis Hamilton 10 16 19 383
else Sebastian Vettel 5 11 19 302
the third Kimi Räikkönen 1 12 17 251
4th Valtteri Bottas 8 18 237
5th Max Verstappen 2 10 16 234
6th Daniel Ricciardo 2 2 12 158
7th Nico Hülkenberg 11 69
8th Sergio Pérez 1 11 58
9th Kevin Magnussen 10 55
10th Fernando Alonso 9 50
11th Esteban Ocon 10 49
12th Carlos Sainz Jr. 12 45
13th Romain Grosjean 6 35
14th Charles Leclerc 9 33
15th Pierre Gasly 5 29
16th Stoffel Vandoorne 4 12
17th Marcus Ericsson 6 9
18th Lance Walk 2 6
19th Brendon Hartley 3 4
20th Sergei Szirotkin 1 1
first Mercedes 620
else Ferrari 553
the third Red Bull-TAG Heuer 392
4th Renault 114
5th Haas Ferrari 90
6th McLaren-Renault 62
7th Mercedes-RPFI 48
8th Alfa Romeo Sauber 42
9th Toro Rosso-Honda 33
10th Williams Mercedes 7

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