Wednesday , January 27 2021

Five times the cost of the Liget project in six years

In 2012, the government announced 50-60 billion forints investment in the city, currently the president of Városliget Zrt. It's a cost of 250 billion euros, "RTL Híradó said.

Photo: MTI Photo – Zoltán Máthé

City parks can be traced on construction sites, the new Ethnographic Museum, the new National Gallery, the Hungarian Music House, the Olof Palme House and the Old Museum of Transport, are being renovated – RTL Híradó.

The Liget Project was launched in 2010 and is still known as the Museum Quarter. The concept was announced in 2012, where the value of the investment was estimated at HRK 50-60 billion.

We're already 250 billion

In 2014, when detailed plans were published, it was already worth HRK 150 billion. The government decree for 2015 has 157 billion forints. Recently, László Baán, head of construction company Városliget Zrt., Spoke about 250 billion forints.

Not only did costs increase, as well as deadlines. They are currently expecting to be replaced by 2019 instead of 2019, "the TV channel warned in his newspaper report.

More buildings are being built in Liget

Expenditure and time limits are explained by the expansion of plans. Along with the museums, it is also part of the Liget project to build the Metropolitan Theater and the Biodiversity of Biodiversity. Build an underground parking lot and renovate green areas.

According to LMP, investments are more expensive to get more money for Fidesz-close companies.

The project was opposed not only to opposition politicians but to civilians, mainly because of cutting trees and reducing green space.

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