Monday , September 16 2019
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Get a redesigned interface for Android Auto

Redesigned interface for Android Auto and dark mode come in.

Last month, Google announced the rebuild of Android Auto sites and has now enabled updates in some regions. The goal is to be on the right track, to have more useful information and to make it easier to perform common tasks.

Source: Google

Therefore, the bottom navigation bar is redesigned for managing applications and media content, managing incoming calls, and notifications. There is less need to touch than before.

The screen is also better used with a new interface and scalable, so it adjusts the screen size, aspect ratio, and resolution. The purpose of this update is to guarantee a consistent experience for everyone.

Of course, the update has also come in fashionable fashion today, which is more visual innovation, but in the evening it can definitely be the eyes of drivers and passengers. The dark mode uses more colored elements and easy-to-read fonts to reduce your eyes.

The update is on the server side, so it does not depend on the version and becomes available in multiple waves.

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