Monday , March 1 2021

Google Street View was found on the road

In the days, Google Street View's sense of hunger on Facebook began to shrink: it began to spread to the locality of the community so that a street viewer at Lake Tó street 1 in Zalaegerszeg appears on a sidewalk man beside it on the ground.

Google Steet View

Google Steet View

Many commentators suggest that men in the picture may have more than one to two glasses of tea. As it turned out, they were not far from reality. Blikk visited the man in the picture telling him what had happened.

The shot was shot six and a half ago in March 2012, in the image of local man Imre Black. The portal says everyone knows it in the neighborhood. Blikk's journalistic hut, Fenyő's press, evaluates a man to work after a glass of wine.

He says he rarely happens to be alive after drinking six years ago.

Honestly, I was very surprised to know so well, I did not know they were photographed, posted on the Internet. I do not know what happened! Everywhere I go biking and rarely go, I remember that day. I was in the party and I admit I was having a drink. Others said they did not stay on the pile. I did not listen to them and I'm sorry. After two bends I fell down. Then the car was next to me

The man said.

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