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Half a year she went to the soup, but Ross regained hopes

Three victories, two drawings, five defeats and one captain have changed, that is, what is behind the Hungarian football in 2018: Georges Leekens is spoiled and Marco Rossi tries to fix it.

For Ádám Szalai (right) goal is not a "captain's question", although it is undeniable that the striker Marco Ross could show what he was capable of (Photo: Miklós Szabó)

Three wins, two lines, five defeats.

Yes, Captain.

In short, this is the balance of the Hungarian football team in 2018.

As a national thing (say anything else, the national team is always there) of course, this year can not hold three sentences, even if it was obviously better and we hope it will be.

While many want to forget, remember that Team 2018 was led by Georges Leekens. The Belgian manager was given the chance to stay as a watchdog in the preparatory match against Luxembourg and Costa Rica in November 2017. – The Hungarian Football Association did not appoint him at the national team in late October, but was not responsible for humiliating the Greater Vojvodina. For defeat, Captain Zoltán Szélesi took the offense.

However, since March this year has not extinct. Meanwhile, his glamorous future with his statements, his sleek performance and his beloved stories was fascinated by a giant grandfather who was 68 years old, but when the moment came true, the referee gave him a football redeemer. It's common to say that football is nice and good, but that would not be a clash – well, that was for Georges Leekens in the blast. It is not controversial, a few years ago or even decades that is well known to his profession, but time has passed, it is not proven much better than one of many things – and not too much evidence. – Finding Our Legion: "One week spent with Leekens could be a book about what should not be done in football."

After the unfortunate failure of Kazakhstan, the captain could still repair, but did not live with him. In his own way, he tried to change, failed. In the four games he played in three races, he was only tied to the struggle against Belarus 1-4-1-4-1, but anyone who saw the meeting could prove that it was not because of that, but because of Péter Gulácsi that Georges Leekens did not finish with four defeats behind his back saying goodbye to Hungary. Over time, the national team seemed hopeless, but we should not be unjust: football players played a role in captain caps. Coach and team did not find a common voice, we could not write the best of Belgian footballer fire.

However, the bad luck coach did not stress that he needed some time to be a world champion, but to make a good team out of the match, but the patience in the June game was finally out of control, MLS leader Csányi Sándor also realized that contract error. The results are not far away but were far behind expectations (though not too high), there was no sign of progress (in fact!) And passion and confidence even after the European Championship in 2016. Technician – though Péter Gulácsi, László Kleinheisler, Gergő Lovrencsics and Ádám Szalai were placed in all four matches – they could not find the seeds that they could rely on during the League of Nations and then the qualifying competitions in the European Championships.

The performance of the national team at that time was far better than Kazakhstan (not just one percent: 77-76), as opposed to the other three rivals – not Spain, France or Croatia, but Scotland, Belarus and Australia were their opponents. While broadcasting the captain's and team's idea, he was expecting a spectacular Hungarian attack during a rushing rejuvenation and could not talk about the style of the game. Or, if so, it prints lightly. Do not remember: Georges Leekens left deep depression behind, pain, construction, not ruin. The months were lost, along with four preparatory matches.

The last (or last) moment has come to an end. Marco Rossi, nominated on June 19, said he knew he would not be able to test his selections in the preliminary game. However, against the predecessor who was not unknown to the Hungarian Football Club, he had so many advantages over his career since 2012, not only because he put his flag and bronze medal in Kispest. As leader he has received his first major assignment at Honved, so far he is not clear how grateful he is. If you are not an empty member of a 54-year-old man who wants to get something back from what he has received in Hungary, Hungary, he can do it by directing the team.

Tell him to think his heart is successful with the national ensemble. This alone is not enough to bring the team to the European Championship in 2020, which is partially domestic, with the aim of aspiration, but something has started to move on the scene, which is clear. It was a shame to lay down rules that were unlikely to be enjoyed, but remained invincible by December 19, and they did not think about the Balazs of Judaism who had been "unthinkable" for years without thinking until he thought it was so fit, This can be done by saying that the rules apply equally to everyone, but who is a little in the world of football, knows that it is not that easy. No one has any doubt that Marco Rossi fought with Balázs Gibbs just like Honvéd and David Lanzafamé – the smallest "end result" known since May 2017 with offensive brilliant games to help the smallest champions.

And when he was discussing Judaism and Lanzafam, the last impression of NL was the impression that Marco Rossi was still in the XIX. The county proved a method. Until then he tried the system 1-4-1-4-1, but it seems that Tallin left him after 3-3. Pust "rebound" against the Estonians already has a 1-4-2-3-1 lineup with a pair of soul-rejuvenating victories, while the finals came against the red-blacks with gold reaching 1-5-3-1-1, or if they like, 1-5-3-2. Named: By the end of 2016-2017 season, Márton Eppel was the best scorer in the country, and in the national team Ádám Szalai. While Lanzafame was behind the summit, Judith could play a much more free role in the national team – he obviously enjoyed it. Three internal defense solutions work the same for the team, on the one hand because Willi Orbán was one of the biggest gains in the past, and on the other hand, because Tamás Kádár played football in the last two conflicts, as expected because Botond's Barat Botpage , who knows what Marco Rossi wants to see in the field.

In the Italian mastery dictionary, besides the interests, attitudes and discipline of the team, there is another key word: trust. This is due to the fact that Ádám Nagy and Zsolt Kalmár had a top-notch production against Estonia and Finland, and the latter did not deny how important it is to his coach believes in him. Spectacular moves and good goals came with confidence: against Greece, Sallai Roland and László Kleinheisler, against the Finnish, Ádám Szalai found the end of the attack on the door.

We risk that the team gets the full width of the chest after the allied captain. Because of manhood, it was the last time for Paul Dardai, and for three years …

This does not mean, of course, that there is a real road to Eb since then. After the agonizing spring, autumn has made important steps in front of the team, now is the backbone of Leekens era, there is a good thing to build, but so far it is.

Next time in March, the National Coach will play for the qualification of the European Championship. The situation is not unknown to Marco Ross: again you have no chance to try this preparatory match – this must be proven at the right time.

What no one considered at least in the early summer can be described at least in the winter: look forward to the sequel.

The Belgian leader was rated on a scale of 1 to 10.
The Belgian expert from the first moment felt great in Budapest, enjoyed life, but was honored to have worked diligently on the games. He continued to appear in the company of important people, and the other was to find harmony with just a few.
He was a man in words. For so long, press conferences have never been so long as Belgian was sitting behind the microphone. He just said, he said and said … He charmed the players with two or more stories between the two training sessions, sorry that the words did not follow.
He tried three trips in four games, which means he was looking for the best solution but could not find it. During the match he could not "jump" in the team to bring about a significant change.
It may be enough to write: it was a player who said the county also had better quality training from a Belgian coach. Her statement is backed by results, the methods used in the eighties and nineties are outdated.
Clash of Kazakhstan, Scotland and Australia, and all three attacks hit the national team. The withdrawal in Belarus should also be classified as a failure. The long-awaited period of humiliation for Hungarian footballers ended with Georgi Leeken's departure.
The Italian leader was rated on a scale of 1 to 10.
He was in a low position when he returned from Dunajska Street, because he knew almost everything and everything, and almost became home to Pest. There is not a stadium that you would not want to thank, even in Ferencváros or Újpest, respecting your little city past.
Outside he communicates perfectly, ears are kind to the fans. Inside, apparently harder, we would not be in the place of the soccer player after the tie. His words, at the same time, have credibility, and the motive speech of his closet – supposedly – creepy.
Six games, three wars, but the knowledge of a 54-year-old professional, probably in the first line of 1-5-3-2 will be the basis for the future. He is not afraid to meet new enthusiasts, nor fear to leave acting. The tactics he made with his staff proved to be good.
It can also rely on its assistants, including Zoltana Gere. It can only be said that you can work with the team at a low level – even after Honved, it was really successful that during the weekend he "fitted" his players into all the steps leading to victory.
Our first victory on September 11 was our choice, now under the leadership of an Italian manager. All three of his matches won on the Hungarian track, which is certainly commendable, but managed to only win 3-3 against the Estonian, which is all that bad.

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