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If you resurrect, you can write the history of the club against Fradi

NB And the 14th round will be held during the weekend, five matches will be held on Saturday, and Mol Vidi FC in Europe will usually play Sunday's match. Listener Ferencváros hosts march march, second Bp. Honvéd Paksra and Vidi are visited by Mezőkövesd. In Diósgyor DVTK and DVSC play a prestigious match in Eastern Hungary. Conclude Historical-Statistical Features of the 14th Circuit!

You can write a story about Napredak vs. Fradi (Photo: Tumbász Hédi)

In the 14th round Diósgyőr-Debrecen will be eastern prestigious championship, but it is not a big offender – and if it's an east derby, let's look at the bottom of the table, as Diósgyör is here. During the thirteen rounds of Kisvárda (9 points), DVTK (6 points) and Szombathely's progress (5) did not reach the ten-point limit, which is so rare that it did not happen in the last 15 seasons.

This is a bad news for the teams that are not in question, which team gathered so few points in 2010 in 13 laps, went to NB II at the end of the season … Trio Kisvárda, DVTK and Haladó should strive so the gap between the middle and the middle can not be complete – otherwise, you can see the battle of this trio to avoid the two lost places.

2017-18: Balmazújváros 10 (lost), Mezőkövesd 10 (left)
2016-17: DVTK 12 (Remaining), Paks 12 (Remaining)
2015-16: Vasas 10 (left), Békéscsaba 8 (left)
2014-15: Dunaújváros PASE 9 (lost), Napredak 8 (left)
2013-14: Mezőkövesd 11 (lost), Kaposvár 8 (lost)
2012-13: Egri FC 11 (lost), BFC Siófok 3 (lost)
2011-12: Kaposvár 11 (left), ZTE FC 4 (lost)
2010-11: Progress 10 (left), Szolnoki MÁV FC 8 (left)


♦ This will be the 54th best match between the two teams, and the everlasting ladder is for Diósgyőre 8-10-35, and the big difference is mainly due to the fact that DVTK Debrecen has a very weak balance.

♦ We added, Debrecen won double the double duel in the 2000s (1-0 in 2009, 3-2 in 2017).

♦ DVTK has lost the last six league matches and lost the last eight. The series runs from August 18th (DVTK Progress 1-0).

♦ If Diosgyor still plays, he will lose seven players in the lead. The 1999-2000 season ended with defeat in Miskolc and when they were again in the first place 2004-2005. (Say, there is no place for a bizarre licensing story), they started out with six jackets. The series could hardly be called a big gap, but this is the last time Diosgyor lost seven consecutive top-of-the-line matches. If the resources are accurate, they have never received DVTK seven times in the leading championship.

♦ Debrecen is fifth in the Unbeaten series, since September 15 (Újpest-DVSC 1-0) was not awarded in NB I. The best active line on the front is Loki.

♦ The Debrecen Series is not so good in the league: none of the last five visiting matches Loki won (3 rows, 2 wins).


♦ This will be the ninth match at the helm of the two teams, six of the eight previously won the MTK, with a line and a top success. PAFC is the only victory over MTK in the capital city in the spring of 2016. (0-1).

♦ MTK does not care as a career coach (he has only won eight to twenty-one points at home) but is unbeaten at the last three domestic championships.

♦ The Puskás Academy has only one of 14 points, and the balance as a guest is 0-1-5, only DVTK and Progress have a worse result. The last five driver winners lost without exception, they did not win the last seven games. The recent success of the PAFC is May 12 (Újpest-Puskás Academy 0-1).

♦ The last six guest games of the Academy of Puskás have won two or more goals.

♦ MTK at the 2018-2019 Championship could not beat any of its domestic matches as much as it did.


♦ The only two NB I matches of the two teams won in Newpest 1-0.

♦ Kisvárda won and scored only one point in the last five games. The Rookie got two or more goals in every match of this series.

♦ Kisvárda has won the most goals so far (28) and only one could keep the goal net (MTK was defeated by 1-0).

♦ Compared to that, Újpest has the second lowest number of goals in the league so far, only nine in 12 games. Only honvéd score is in purple (8 scored 13 goals in the game).

♦ Uefa championships still do not score two goals: the average lila is 1.75, the lowest in NB I. Most goals are in Kisvárda with an average score of 3.08.

♦ Újpest did not lose the league on March 3 (Újpest-Mezőkövesd 2-3) where he managed to win.


♦ So far, there are 28 interconnected matches at the top. Paks won only four, excitement and a small success rate of 12.

♦ Honved is in the first 9 league series against Pake (6 wins, 3 defeats). The Tolnans could win the smallest player on August 8, 2015 (3-1).

♦ Honved has 26 points in second place on the table, much better than the scoring (18 points, 5th place), which he showed during the 2016-17 season with the title of the 13-wheel championship.

♦ Against See 0-4, five-time defeat defeat Pake ended – a warning to Honved that Paks is the third strongest team in NB I's career this season after Ferencváros and Debrecen. Paks scored 13 goals in home matches in 6 games.

♦ Both teams (MTK-Honvéd 1-1) play only one of the last twelve championship games of Honved. On the other hand, Honvéd is reset or his opponent.

♦ The smallest players are in the series with four games without a win in the last two matches. At Honved, only Debrecen has a better active series in NB I

♦ The smallest players in this tournament are very good at defending their side: in 6 games they only scored 2 goals, at least in NB I


♦ The already traditional round of matches, so far, two teams met 125 times on the Hungarian front. The eternal balance of the host from the perspective of Szombathely is 23 wins, 26 lines, 76 defeats.

♦ Of the last 11 league matches, without overtaking, Fradi won nine times, twice the Progress. Last time in 2014 (FTC Progress 0-0).

♦ Ferencváros (2016, 2017) defeated the last two times. If Hali still won, the result is not necessarily the result of the two teams – he writes history because he never won the Hungarian recorder three times in a row.

♦ Progress is still terrific, has not won any of the last 9 league games and lost the last six. Hali is the worst team in the foreground.

♦ Its long line of NB I volatility was the latest in 2010, which could not win more than 10 matches from August 7 to October 15. Hali made 13 points with 10 points in the 15th place, but finished well in the middle field, eighth.

♦ Progress is a team on the pitch who could no longer rest in this tournament after the first half.

♦ Progress has so far had the lowest points in this career (4), Ferencváros won the most points as a guest (15).


♦ Nine times in NB I, winning one Mezőkövesd time, three times without each other, five times Vidi enjoyed.

♦ Gábor Molnár holds a brilliant series: Mezőkövesd striker scored a goal each of the last six league games.

♦ See has played 7 first-ever games right after the European Cup finals, with 2 wins, 4 defeats and 1 defeat. So far he has lost 6 points for Vidi, five times for the European Cup. Paks (1-1), Debrecen (1-1), Ferencváros (2-2), MTK (0-3) and Kisvárda (2-2) managed to "ease" the defenders in a cup.

♦ In the "offensive table" of 2018-19, only Ferencváros won more points (15) than Vidi (14). The Bianconeri scored the most goals (15).

♦ Mezokovesd is invincible for the last four domestic championships, winning three of them and winning two or more goals each time.

♦ The Rockers in this tournament suffered two domestic defeats: the current leader, Ferencváros and the other Bp Honvéd, won them. Before the band saw Vidi was the third podium …

NB I, 2018-2019, KRUG 14
14. 30: DVTK-DVSC (TV: M4 Sport) Miskolc, DVTK stadium
17:00: MTK-Puskás Academy Budapest, New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium
17:00: Kisvarda-Újpest Kisvárda, Várkerti Sporttelep
17:00: Paks-Honvéd Paks,
City Stadium
19:30: Haladás-Ferencváros (TV: M4 Sport) Szombathely, Advanced Stadium
15:30: Mezőkövesd-Mol Vidi (TV: M4 Sport) Eger,
City Stadium
TABLE • The best shooters
1. Ferencváros TC 13 9 3 1 27-10 17 30
2. Budapest Honvéd 13 8 2 3 18-8 10 26
3. Mol See FC 12 6 4 2 24-12 12 22
4. MTK Budapest 13 6 3 4 18-18 0 21
5. Debrecen VSC 13 5 6 2 20-17 3 21
6. Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC 13 5 4 4 21-17 4 19
7. Újpest FC 12 5 4 3 9/12 3 19
8. Paksi FC 13 5 4 4 19-18 1 19
9. Puskás Academy FC 13 4 2 7 14-19 -5 14
10. Kisvárda 13 2 3 8 28/12 -16 9
11. Diósgyőri VTK 13 1 3 9 10-24 -14 6
12. Napredak in Szombathely 13 1 2 10 26/11 -15 5
The delay of Mol Vidi-Újpesta from the 6th round will take place on November 21st.

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