Friday , April 16 2021

Index – Abroad – Is Jennifer Aniston dating Olivia Wilde’s ex-husband?

A bomb exploded last November, which was dropped by Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis. At the time, they had been together for seven years, were engaged and had two children together.

Earlier this year, it turned out that the actress had teamed up with former One Direction frontman Harry Styles, 10 years his junior.

According to some rumors, Jason Sudeikis also went further. Although they recently took her with model Keeley Hazell, the news is now that she is dating former colleague Jennifer Aniston. It all stands in an American tabloid called Life & Style.

The actress was recently reunited with several others, fans would do anything to reunite her and Brad Pitt, for example, but based on what has happened so far, the chances are microscopically small. According to Micky’s review, Jennifer and Jason (matching names!) Already are Family practices The air shone during the filming as well, but only then were they both busy.

Representative Jennifer Aniston refuted the list’s theory, but of course they wouldn’t be the first couple in celebrity history to secretly want to enjoy each other’s company.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis really got together?

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    Who cares, at least the stores are open today!

  • 196

    Maybe why not?

  • 94

    No, Jennifer’s heart is still beating for Brad Pitt!

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    It’s out of the question, it’s just some rumor for cucumber season.

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