Friday , April 16 2021

Index – Boulevard – Evelin Gáspár is blackmailed with intimate paintings

Hard to get rid of his ex-partner Gáspár Evelin. The man’s betrayal was betrayed by the girl back in December, after she was insulted that there was no going back. There were problems throughout the romance, which lasted almost a year, but he didn’t think the police report would end one day.

Gaspar Evelyn told Blikk that the man had not moved on, but had waited in their house to make him start again. After bombarding the girl in vain with phone messages, she began blackmailing her.

He used to photograph me in secret, without my knowledge and consent. For example, while taking a shower or when sitting in the toilet. I asked him several times to delete these pictures, but he didn’t. He exposed them to the internet a few days ago, and although he quickly deleted them, he still reached a lot of people. Despite this, he continues to blackmail him by sending it to everyone, but also tried to sell it, asking for 50 thousand forints for his piece, the older girl Gáspár told the newspaper, who contacted the police after what happened.

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