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Index – Culture – An amazing story with an antihero in the lead role

My concern for you (important or me) is an unusual film in the sense that it contains almost only antiheroes, so the viewer wishes him a death bell that has passed in the agony of the protagonist.

The basic story is the opening of the knife, and it is only oil on the fire that the central character, blessed with sociopathic characters, is played by Rosamund Pike, whose cold glow, angular facial features and bone-piercing smile reinforce his reluctance to that role. And from this combination, viewers are followed from the first minute to the last by a tummy tuck to the staff list, believing that evil will eventually receive a worthy punishment.

The actress perfectly shaped the character of Marla, it is no wonder that she won the award for best actress in the comedy / music category at this year’s Golden Globes.

The story is mostly about Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike) and her partner Fran (Eiza González) who put older people under their care so they can manage the elderly’s finances from then on. By doing so, of course, they open up an inexhaustible financial tap. But for this to work so well, you need an initiated head of the institution and a doctor who signs an expert opinion on the helplessness of the selected victims (paid in vain).

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes for a film to provoke deep hatred in all viewers.

And emotions are not hard to influence, looking at this level of human evil. The first scene depicts a desperate middle-aged man trying unsuccessfully at home to visit a mother who has come under Marla’s care. Finally, in order not to get sand into the machines, relatives who could still represent some of the interests of their captured relatives must be removed.

Then, as usual, a complication occurs. Marla encounters a real gem, Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest), who is old, dirty rich and has no living relatives. The judge who decides on custody is deceived in the usual way, and then the mentally fresh woman is placed in the home.

An unsuspecting woman just sipping tea strike after a formal decisionwho, of course, doesn’t know what to do, especially to get a promise from Marle that he will be able to take action from home if he feels a mistake has been made. Of course, since then Marla has not only been the custodian of the property of the person placed under guardianship, but also her legal representative. Thus a woman cut off from the world ends up not only in a nursing home but also in life imprisonment. But the sand still slides into this perfectly functioning machinery: a seemingly helpless woman has connections to the underworld, in the character of Roman Lunyov (Peter Dinklage).

The basic story is brilliant. The actors are great. It is also rare that the fall of the protagonist can be pushed. Somehow he didn’t become perfect after all.

He enjoys it, maintains the tension almost to the end, but there is a lot of logical interference in it.

For example, given the tough, ambitious woman who grinds the monologue at the beginning of the film that there are two ways in life to wait for a man: either she will be prey, or a savage who will throw prey. She decided to live like a female lion and, breaking through others, trying to get the most out of the world in the complete absence of empathy. Yes, but as for her love, she becomes a gentle, sensitive person from one moment to the next.

Or there’s mobster Roman. Peter Dinklage is a great actor, it’s not a problem, but he’s so boring Game of Throneshe couldn’t be seen in the last parts In order for Marla to be an equal partner, she would have to portray a terrible, cunning, insightful guy, compared to this … Of course, it’s more the writers’ fault than Dinklage’s, who often seemed innervated. Marla is much scarier than him.

The film was shot as a black comedy and is appropriate, you could have fun on it, often funny. The ending became something that many did not expect, and even the final current deus ex machina was written as a conclusion, which is perhaps the weakest scene in the work.

What, in turn, slides to the end, poses a very important fundamental problem that, as people begin to decay spiritually, is almost excluded from society, and many begin to ignore them. Obviously this is not legal, but it is still a problem with us.

After a little searching you can find at least soothing answers about how people take care at home, and thankfully not quite like in the movie. By law, additional inspections are required, the guardian may have a veto if he has reservations regarding the assigned guardian.

However, if things really work in America, then the film is not just an important piece of entertainment.

My concern for you (important to me) is a good film, but far from perfect, but not a template. It wouldn’t hurt if more films deal with the situation of the elderly, their exploitation, or their underlying problems, because (at best) they all get old once.

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